Travel to Armenia in December 2024

On December 1, 2024, Christmas trees will be decorated in all cities, and the streets will shine even brighter, as Christmas lights will decorate not only the Christmas trees, but also trees, railings and bridges!

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December is the most magical time of the year thanks to the preparations to New Year and this year everything will be even more fascinating! Only the white and fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky will make the winter picture complete!

Travel to this fairy kingdom at this magical time of the year and create your own fairy tale!

What to see in Armenia in December? 

Armenia is beautiful all year round, because every season brings its own colours, giving a special beauty to the cities and make people see them from a completely different side! In December, depending on the year, the country is covered with a white blanket, and the natural brilliance of shining snow blinds with its beauty.
You can visit all major destinations in December, with the exception of places such as Amberd and Lake Kari, where in winter you can only drive on an off-road vehicle, and this is if there is little snow - sometimes snow completely closes the road.

The places to visit in December are Lake Sevan, Sevanavank, Dilijan, Gyumri, Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, but visiting the Symphony of Stones also depends on weather conditions. In December, you can also visit wineries and taste Armenian wines.

If you want to feel that exact magical atmosphere – you just need to take a walk in Yerevan, enjoying and becoming a part of magic! Organize your holidays in Armenia in December and discover the Christmas magic of this ancient country.

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Weather in Armenia in December

In Armenia, the winter has not been very severe for the past few years, in Yerevan there is basically no snow at all in December. Autumn 2024 was still warm enough for autumn, which makes us believe that December 2024 will not be very cold either.
However… what winter, what holidays and New Year without snow! So, let's hope that on December 31, 2024 it will snow in Yerevan and endow the city with a brilliant, snow-white beauty.

You can feel the spirit of winter in other regions of Armenia if not in the very beginning then in the middle of December, and can enjoy your time skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, as well as enjoying the winter landscapes of Armenia. 

When the whole family gather together, play snowballs, make a snowman and enjoy time together – it is the ideal winter vacation!
Travel to Armenia in December 2024 and enjoy the best winter holiday ever!

Holidays and Events in December

One of the most important and most wonderful holidays of the year – the New Year is celebrated on December 31, although the Christmas spirit is felt from the first days of December.

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Decorated streets and houses, cheerful mood, preparation for the holiday fills December with bright and unforgettable moments.
Travel to Armenia in December and become a part of the holiday!

Tours and Excursions in December

In Armenia, you can organize a variety of tours and excursions to different destinations depending on your wishes.

 If you want to spend your vacation discovering the beauties of Armenia, then you can choose accommodation in Yerevan and organize excursions to various regions of Armenia. However, if you prefer passive rest, then you can spend it in the ski resort of Armenia – in Tsaghkadzor.

Travel in Armenia, organize tours and excursions, discover the beauty of Armenia and do it now! Do not miss the chance to become part of the New Year's fairy tale!