Yerevan Wine Days in 2024
“The specialty of the Armenian Wine is that you feel it, but you can't describe it in words.” Charles Aznavour
May Holidays in Armenia
May holidays – time when everyone waits for bright spring events and enjoys the warm weather, plans their trips to other cities and countries in search of real beauties and adventures!
New Year, New Adventures: Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Yerevan
Embark on a captivating tour of Yerevan as the year draws to a close! Armenia beckons with vibrant New Year's Eve celebrations, offering a plethora of choices for an unforgettable experience. From panoramic views at "Livingston" to the high-end vibe of "Coba," the festive ambiance of "Sherep" and "Seasons," to the modern beats at "Park Bridge Cocktail Bar," this tour guide unveils the best places to welcome 2024 in style.
Winter Wonderland: Exploring Armenia's Snow-Covered Mountains
Armenia's snow-covered trails lead intrepid travelers to moments of serenity. Winter hiking here is not just a physical activity; it's a soul-stirring communion with nature. Imagine the hush of snow-covered forests, the glistening meadows, and the panoramic vistas that unfold at every turn. Ancient monastic retreats hidden in the mountains add a touch of historical charm to these trails.
10 Things to Do in Armenia in Winter
Embrace the enchanting allure of Armenia's winter wonderland as snow blankets this South Caucasus gem. Discover a world of magic amidst the snow-capped mountains and ancient monasteries. From thrilling skiing adventures in Tsaghkadzor to sipping warm Armenian coffee in Yerevan's festive glow, there's an array of activities waiting for winter enthusiasts. Dive into the icy depths of Lake Sevan for ice fishing or soak in natural hot springs after a day of winter hikes in Dilijan National Park. Delight your taste buds with hearty Armenian winter cuisine and capture the mesmerizing beauty of snow-covered landscapes through your lens. Armenia beckons, promising a winter getaway brimming with adventure, culture, and unforgettable moments.
Top 5 Benefits of Using a Concierge Service for Travel Planning
Embarking on your next adventure? Uncover the unparalleled convenience of enlisting a concierge service for your travel planning needs. Dive into our article to explore the remarkable benefits that come with expertly curated itineraries, local insights, time savings, and more. Elevate your travel experience with the power of personalized assistance.
The Best Viewpoints in Armenia
Armenia is a mountainous country and has many indescribable peaks, offering unsurpassed views of the city, the lake and the breathtaking landscape of mountains and forests. We present to your attention TOP-7 best observation decks throughout Armenia.
The best delivery services in Yerevan
We present to your attention the most popular online platforms where you can purchase different products.
Travel to Armenia in July 2024
Nature is unique in its beauty and its mix of colours delights the eye, calms the soul, fills the world with harmony, and appearing in its arms, the human soul gains wings, flies away from reality and dives into nirvana.
Travel to Armenia in December 2024
December – the beginning of winter! With the beginning of December Armenians start preparation to the most magical holiday of the year – to New Year, BUT this year everything is different...
Travel to Armenia in October 2024
Armenia is an open-air museum that delights and surprises with its beauties at any time of the year. Each season paints the country with its own colours, and the colours of autumn in Armenia are red, orange and yellow.
7 Reasons to Have Dilijan in the Tour Program in Armenia
Armenia – a country of an extraordinary beauty, an integral part of which is its amazing nature. The picturesque resort town Dilijan has that exact beauty of nature. The city is surrounded by forests on all sides, thanks to which a breathtaking view of the high mountains and dense thickets of forests opens up from different parts of the city – a real magical beauty! Imagine that you open your eyes and the first thing you see through the panoramic windows is a work of art, but in reality! ... Breathe the fresh mountain air early in the morning, drink a tasty coffee and start an unforgettable journey through the little Switzerland of Armenia – Dilijan.
What Can a Tourist See in Armenia in a Week?
Many people mistakenly think that as Armenia is a small country, one can see and enjoy the whole beauty of this ancient country in 7 days. Yes, Armenia is a small country, but it is rich in amazing sights, centuries-old churches and monasteries, breathtaking beauties, and it is simply impossible to see everything in just one week.
Travelling in Armenia by Car
Travelling gives us new unforgettable emotions and fill the trip with bright moments, and each our journey in a new country expands our horizons, fills us with energy, and inspires us to new adventures.
Top 7 Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Armenia
Armenian cuisine is diverse and includes both meat dishes and dishes that are ideal for vegetarians. For example, the queen of Armenian cuisine is dolma, but in Armenia one can also find a dolma with lentils, peas, red beans, etc. that can be called vegetarian dolma.
Ideas for Active Rest in Armenia
Travel helps us discover the amazing beauties of our planet! Even in the most remote countries, there are sights that will conquer your hearts with their beauty, extraordinary architecture, special atmosphere, etc., because each country is unique in its own way.
Travel to Armenia in April 2024
Armenia is one of the ancient countries in the world, which is rich in amazing beauties and sights, interesting museums, centuries-old churches and monasteries that are beautiful at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.
What Should a Tourist Visit in Yerevan in 5 Days?
One of the best sights of Armenia is Yerevan – the pink city, one of the oldest cities in the world, a city that is 29 years older than Rome.
Where is it Easier to Go from Russia without a Visa and an International Russian Passport?
Armenia, together with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus, is on the list of those countries where you can go from Russia without a visa.
Travel to Armenia in March 2024
Armenia – a country of beautiful sights that conquer the hearts with their beauty at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. Every month of the year has its own colours!
Holidays on Lake Sevan in 2024
Armenia is a country that is beautiful at any time of the year – red-orange autumns, snow-white winters, light pink springs, and of course, green summers.
Ten Most Extraordinary Restaurants in Armenia
Armenia is on list of those countries of the world, which have unique and at the same time ancient culture, and an integral part of Armenian culture forms part its national cuisine with delicious dishes and exquisite desserts.
Holidays in Armenia in Winter 2023-2024
Holidays in Armenia in winter 2023-2024 may become an amazing journey that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. Organize a trip to Armenia, have many interesting tours in different corners of this historical country, and make the winter fairy-tale full of bright and memorable moments, and remember that the snow-white winter has a […]
Rules of Entry to Armenia from Different countries in 2022
It is already 2022! Time passes, life slowly goes through the proper channel, and over the time, we learn to live, accepting the new rules of our planet. Back in 2021, Armenia opened its borders, and today travelers can easily organize a trip to this historical country, of course adhering to the rules of entry to Armenia.
Travel to Armenia in January 2024
Armenia – a historical country that can conquer the travelers’ hearts at any time of the year, it is a country of beautiful sights, centuries-old churches and monasteries, it is an open-air museum, and at the same time, it is a country of many interesting museums, it is a country that offers many different entertainments in any season.
Travel to Armenia in February 2024
“Look at the world. It is more amazing than dreams!” Ray Bradbury
Weekend in Armenia 2024
Everyone, at least once in his/ her life, has had a wish to buy a ticket and start an exciting journey! But work, study, business constantly keep us in one place, not letting us enjoy our life and all its bright colours. We have found a perfect option for you – a weekend in Armenia! […]
7 Reasons to Have Gyumri in the in the Tour Program in Armenia
Armenia – an ancient country that is rich in beautiful sights and interesting museums, it is a country that has unique culture; it is an open-air museum. The capital Yerevan is known for its wonderful architecture that differs it from other cities, it is a pink city of Armenia. Armenia is a beautiful country, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime to reveal not only its beautiful sights, museums, culture and architecture, but also all its breathtaking natural beauty...
7 Reasons to Have Etchmiadzin in the Tour Program in Armenia
Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world, which is incredibly rich in centuries-old churches and monasteries; the history of Armenia is distinctive, remarkable and closely connected with Christianity, as it is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. There are many ancient temples and monasteries in Armenia in various regions of the country, as well as many churches in the capital of Armenia – in Yerevan. Also, not far from the capital – just in 20 km from it, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, which is in a must-see list during a visit to this historical country, is located here.
Winter Rest in Tsaghkadzor 2023-2024
Winter – a cold, but, at the same time, a magical time of the year. It is time when you can enjoy the snowy beauty of nature that is given to people as a real priceless gift, time when you can collect unforgettable memories, enjoying the winter sports, skating, skiing and snowboarding, spending carefree time, […]
Christmas and New Year in Armenia in 2023-2024
The adventurous tours in Armenia on the most fabulous holidays – Christmas and New Year 2023-2024 are waiting for you. New Year – a holiday full of magic, which makes people believe that on the most amazing night of the year the most cherished dreams will come true, that all the unpleasant events and […]
The Best Amusement Parks for Kids in Armenia 2024
Family rest is the best vacation that exists! Armenia has an extraordinary natural beauty, many interesting museums in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia, and, of course, amazing sights. Besides, all the mentioned above, Armenia, in particularly Yerevan, is rich in different amusement parks, and it is just impossible to imagine a family rest ...
Holidays in Armenia with Children 2024
A family rest with children is an ideal opportunity to return to childhood, feel again all those emotions that only children have. Travel with children will give you a chance to discover not only the beautiful sights of a new country, having interesting tours and excursions full of entertainments, but also, to learn about the […]
The Best Sightseeing Places in Yerevan
It is a city with many interesting tourist attractions, beautiful sights and places one should see during his/ her sightseeing tour in this historical, but at the same time modern city. Tourist Attractions of the Center of Yerevan Yerevan – a city of interesting museums, amazing churches, historical and modern sights, a city where you […]
Travel to Armenia in September 2024
Armenia is a beautiful mountainous country; it has a wonderful climate and perfect weather all year round, and September is not an exception. September is known as the velvet season in Armenia, it is a time when you can spend an unforgettable vacation, enjoying interesting tours and excursions throughout Armenia. Places to Visit in Armenia ...
Gastronomic Tours in Armenia
Life is about the new horizons that only travels can help us discover! Each country has its own unique peculiarities that cannot be found in any other country. You can find something similar, but, surely, not the same. Only thanks to the curiosity, humanity is moving forward and developing, traveling and discovering new countries and […]
Rest in Dilijan in 2024
Armenia is a historical country with amazing natural views, magnificent mountain landscapes and resort towns. One of these cities is Dilijan, a small Switzerland in Armenia. Dilijan is a famous mountain resort in Armenia. It is located to the north of Lake Sevan, and the road from the lake first rises into the mountains, and […]
Tourism in Armenia in 2024
Armenia is one of the ancient countries in the world, which is known for its many amazingly beautiful sights. The beauty of every village and city, starting from Yerevan, will conquer your hearts making you return more than once. Sightseeing tourism The capital of Armenia – Yerevan is the homeland of numerous museums, and Armenia […]
Travel to Armenia in June 2024
Travel to Armenia in June 2024 may become one of the most unforgettable events in your life, thanks to the hospitality, warm atmosphere, magnificent nature and weather of this sunny country. Armenia is one of the ancient countries in the world with amazing natural beauty, which is presented in all its splendor from the second […]
How Can You Get to Armenia Now?
How can you get to Armenia now? – it is the most asked question among the travelers. After all, 2020 did not pass without consequences which still have an impact on our lives in 2022 – restrictions, caution, fear for health – in short coronavirus … We are immensely happy to announce that Armenia has […]
What to See in Armenia in 3 Days
What sights to see in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia in 3 days? – It is the question that worries travelers who do not miss even the smallest opportunity to discover a new country. Armenia is a small country, but it is rich in sights, beautiful places, picturesque cities, sacred churches and monasteries, and […]
| 18.01.2021
Flora of Armenia
Flora of Armenia is diverse and unique! Flora makes our world even more beautiful, it provides us with oxygen, and we do not even think about it or notice, and often we even destroy the flora of our country in place of protecting and promoting its prosperity. The flora of Armenia in terms of the […]
| 11.01.2021
Armenian Alphabet
The Armenian Alphabet is the basis of the great Armenian language! Only language and culture distinguish nations from each other, emphasizing the identity of each nation. Also, language and culture are intertwined, and each language is based on its own culture and has words and expressions used only in that exact language, that cannot be […]
Ski Resorts in Armenia
Ski resort of Armenia – the ideal place for an active rest, where you can not only ski and snowboard, but can also enjoy magically beautiful snow-white landscapes of Armenian winter. Armenia, being a mountainous country, has high mountain peaks which offer amazing views. The ski resorts of Armenia give an opportunity to climb to […]
| 16.11.2020
Armenian culture
Armenia has a unique culture! It is reflected in every spectrum of life: architecture, theater, music, painting, literature. For centuries Armenians are trying to create and preserve every part of their culture and traditions. Armenians appreciate, love and pass on from generation to generation every poem, work of art, film masterpieces, every ...
Armenian National Cuisine
Armenian national cuisine has uniquely delicious dishes and desserts! Each Armenian national dish contains some part of Armenian culture and soul, and you can try the same dish in other corners of the world, but nowhere else they will be as delicious as in their homeland and will not have the same aroma as in […]
Holidays in Armenia in November
Holidays in Armenia in November is for active rest lovers, as in that period of the year it is already quite cold in Armenia, and, depending on the weather, winter sports can also be possible in some regions. Besides, at the end of November, preparations for the most magical holiday of the year – New […]
Cultural Heritage of Armenia in UNESCO List
Cultural heritage of Armenia included in the list of the UNESCO make Armenians feel proud and make us more reverently and carefully treat the cultural values of Armenia, the beauty and uniqueness of which have conquered the hearts of not only Armenians, but the nations of the whole world! Tangible Heritage Haghpat Monastery Haghpat Monastery
Holidays in Armenia in Autumn 2024
Spend your holidays in the autumn of 2024 in Armenia and compliment your list of unforgettable, bright and adventurous tours with one more memorable trip, as autumn is the time of colorful leaves, pleasant winds and sun, and in Armenia it is also the time of sweet and juicy fruits and berries – a perfect […]
Hiking Vacations in Armenia
Hiking and walking excursions are the best ways to discover all the beauty of this amazing and ancient country – Armenia! Only after a walk along the smallest and most picturesque streets of each city, you can see all the real beauty and the unique culture of this country, feel the warm atmosphere, communicate with […
Horse Riding Tours in Armenia
Horse riding tour – one more interesting type of active rest in Armenia. Horse is one of the smartest, friendly, and most beautiful animals in the world. Horse riding, which was innovated for getting from one place to another faster, has gradually turned into a type of sport and active tourism. This type of active […]
National Parks and State Reserves of Armenia
National parks and state reserves of Armenia complement the amazing beauty of the nature of this ancient and beautiful country. Each park and state reserve is beautiful, especially when nature wakes up from the long sleep and covers all the surroundings in green-pink colors, when trees and flowers begin to bloom giving a magical charm […]
Mountainous Tourism in Armenia
Mountainous tourism in mountainous country – Armenia! Human beings are the only creatures on the earth capable of thinking and transmitting their thoughts to others! Thanks to that capability human beings for thousands of years sought to reveal all the hidden corners of the world. Today there is no longer even a single place on […]
Extreme Tourism in Armenia
Extreme tourism becomes more and more popular in Armenia every year. Armenia is a mountainous country with breathtaking nature, which has all the necessary basis for the active tourism development. Armenia is like a real little paradise for all the extreme and active rest lovers, as in this magical country you can have a chance […]
Travel to Armenia in 2024
Travel to Armenia will become the most memorable and amazing trip in your life! Legendary Armenia is a sunny country in the Caucasus Mountains. Visiting this amazing country once you will do your best to return again and again as its hospitality, beauty, culture and art create a unique atmosphere, there is no any other […]
10 Best Hotels in the Center of Yerevan
Yerevan – capital of amazing historical country – Armenia! In the center of Yerevan, you can find the best hotels of the country! Armenia is a hospitable country, which is full of discoveries and surprisingly beautiful. We invite you to travel to this amazing country, where you will get a lot of positive impressions, and […]
Summer in Armenia in 2024
Summer in Armenia is the brightest time of the year, it is out of any doubts, and 2024 is not an exception! Everyone who has seen and felt the cold of winter realizes how much magic contains summer, time when the sun shines brightly, giving its warmth and warming souls, raising the mood of people […]
Museums of Yerevan that You Should Visit
Armenia is a historical country with century-old history, amazing culture, breathtaking views and awesome art. The capital of Armenia, which is 29 years older than Rome – Yerevan is a city of lots of museums. In each museum of Yerevan, you can see the priceless treasures of all times! History Museum of Armenia The first […]
10 Most Ancient Temples and Monasteries of Armenia
Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world with many temples, monasteries and churches. Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 A.D. Christianity has played an immensely important role in Armenian history during all these centuries, and religion has been an essential […]
Why should you visit Armenia in 2024?
Visit to Armenia in 2024 will be the most unforgettable trip in your whole life! Armenia is a historical country with breathtaking views, ancient monasteries, wonderful museums and amazing culture and architecture. Discover the most incredibly beautiful places of the country of stones – Armenia! Armenia – an Open-air Museum Armenia is one of ...
Events and Festivals in Armenia in 2024
Each year different events and festivals are held in Armenia and 2024 is not an exception. Armenians are a nation with a rich history and amazing culture. Due to the Armenian wonderful culture, cultural events and various festivals are organized at any season of the year – spring, summer, autumn or winter. Annual festivals and […]
| 02.04.2020
Taraz Festival 2024
The Armenian national cloth is called Armenian Taraz, and in 2024 will be held the 6th Taraz Festival in Armenia. Festival of Armenian National Cloth Taraz The Armenian Taraz mirrors the mentality and cultural idiosyncrasies of our nation. Having a centuries-old history Armenian Taraz used to be one of the most prominent measures of expressing ...
Ecotourism, agrotourism in Armenia
Ecotourism starts doing its first steps in Armenia, but in spite of that it is more than developed nowadays. What is Ecotourism (Rural Tourism)? Ecotourism is a special type of tourism which is now defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves ...
Travel to Armenia in Spring 2024
We invite you to travel to Armenia especially in such a magical season – in spring. Today all the countries try to develop tourism, and Armenia is not an exception. Organizing your vacation in this amazing country, you will have the most wonderful holiday ever! Armenia is a country which is well-known as an open-air […]
Armenian National Epic Poem
The Armenian national epic “Daredevils of Sassoun” reveals all the national traits of Armenians – honesty, justice, kindness and courage. The epic is mainly called “David of Sassoun”, but it is the name of the hero of the third cycle. The epic is also known as “Daredevils of Sassoun”, “Rebels of Sassoun”, ...