Rest in Dilijan in 2024

Armenia is a historical country with amazing natural views, magnificent mountain landscapes and resort towns. One of these cities is Dilijan, a small Switzerland in Armenia.

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Dilijan is a famous mountain resort in Armenia. It is located to the north of Lake Sevan, and the road from the lake first rises into the mountains, and then dives into a long tunnel. Getting out of it, you find yourself in a completely different world: high mountains, dense forests, pleasant fresh air. For all these qualities, the locals call Dilijan a little Switzerland. It all thanks to the Dilijan National Park, which surrounds the city from all sides. The climate in these places is mild, ideal for spending an unforgettable rest: mild cool summers and dry sunny winters.

Have a rest in Dilijan in the summer of 2024 and discover new, amazing sights of this historic country – Armenia!

What is the Best Season to Have a Rest in Dilijan?

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Armenia is one of those countries that really has a wonderful climate, and each season delights with its beauty in its own way. Dilijan is a resort town known for its indescribably beautiful nature from all sides, which makes the city even more attractive making people visit it all year round.

In winter, Dilijan has a quite mild climate, a time when snow-white beauty reigns, and you can enjoy the fresh forest air.

Thanks to the warm weather from the second half of spring to the first half of autumn, one can spend an unforgettable rest full of the rays of the sun, which fill every day with bright colours.

Dilijan is one of those cities in Armenia that has everything to make your rest memorable, bright and interesting.

Have a rest in Dilijan in 2024 and make sure of all described above!

What to See in Dilijan and its Surroundings?

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In Dilijan, not only the natural beauty of Dilijan National Park can admire with its breathtaking beauty, but also its amazing sights. Dilijan is a small picturesque town, where you can walk through the streets and get to the charming Shamberyan Street or have an excursion and visit the monument of the heroes of the legendary movie “Mimino”, where the Armenian famous and talented actor Frunzik Mkrtchyan was starring as Rubik (Ruben Khachikyan). Also during the excursion, you can visit other interesting sights, such as Lake Parz, or centuries-old monasteries: Haghartsin, Goshavank, Matosavank, which are located not far from Dilijan.

Spend your rest in 2024 in Dilijan, discover all its extraordinary sights and breathtaking natural beauty.

Hotels in Dilijan

Dilijan, being a resort town, offers a range of different hotels with all the necessary amenities, which provide the best service. As the Dilijan National Park surrounds Dilijan from all sides, almost all hotels in this city offer rooms with amazing view. Moreover, even if we leave behind all the sights and privileges of this city, only the possibility to open your eyes and see this view is worth organizing a rest in Dilijan.

You still have a chance to spend a memorable rest in the summer of 2024 in Armenia, particularly in Dilijan! Do not lose it!

Restaurants in Dilijan

Armenia is known for its centuries-old culture, history, churches and monasteries, but also an integral part of it is the Armenian cuisine with its unique dishes and delicious desserts, the amazing taste of which can be enjoyed in the restaurants of Dilijan.

Have an unforgettable, bright, and, of course, delicious rest in Armenia in 2024!

Excursions in Dilijan and its Surroundings

Dilijan is one of those cities in Armenia where you can have a wonderful rest in fresh air enjoying the amazing landscapes and natural beauty of the town. Moreover, at the same time, you can have an active rest here, during which you can walk through the city, organize different excursions, and visit the beautiful sights of Dilijan and its surroundings. In addition, during your excursion you can have a horseback riding in the forest – a real pleasure!

Spend your rest in 2024 in Armenia, organize different adventure tours and excursions to the most beautiful places in Armenia, which are just breathtaking, and start with Dilijan!