Travel to Armenia in February 2024

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Each journey helps us discover a piece of our amazing planet, the beauty of which is just breathtaking! There are many magical and at the same time hidden beauties, that are discovered only by true travelers.

Travel and discover all the splendor of our world, and start your adventure tour by visiting the historical country – Armenia!

Places to Visit in Armenia in February

Armenia is a mountainous country with beautiful sights that attract with their beauty at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions ... But still, there are cities that are especially beautiful in winter, and one of such cities is Tsakhkadzor – the ski resort of Armenia. In this resort town in February it is still cold enough, although the rays of the sun are felt – the beautiful weather makes the day brighter, and the ski slopes covered with snow turn a rest in February into a real winter adventure. In winter, all kinds of winter activities are available in Armenia from skiing to ice skating on Lake Sevan – on the blue eyes of Armenia.
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In February, you can also spend unforgettable time in Dilijan, enjoying the beauty of the Dilijan National Park, in Jermuk, where hotels offer many different medical procedures, in Areni, tasting Armenian wines and participating in a master class on cooking dolma. Also, let's not forget that Armenia is the homeland of centuries-old churches and monasteries, where each lighted candle gives wings to the prayers, raising them to the sky.

Organize an unforgettable trip in February 2024 and enjoy the winter fairy tale of this ancient country and discover all the wonderful beauties of Armenia!

Weather in Armenia in February

Armenia is one of those countries in the world that admires with its wonderful weather at any time of the year. In February, the weather in Armenia slowly wakes up from hibernation, the snow begins to melt, the sun shines, but at the same time, the spirit of winter is still felt, and at the end of the month the first snowdrops can be found, the birds return, bringing the beauty of spring with them.
In some regions of Armenia in February, winter still keeps its rightful place, and exactly in such regions, you can still enjoy the snow-white beauty of winter and winter activities.

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The weather in Armenia in February pleases both with the warm rays of the sun and the fluffy snowflakes – this is the month when harsh winter passes, and comes milder winter, and later blooming spring.

Travel in February 2024 in Armenia and enjoy its crazy and at the same time beautiful weather!

Holidays and Events in February

February in Armenia is a month of interesting holidays. It is in February that, among other holidays, the Feast of Saint Sarkis and Trndez are celebrated in Armenia.

The Feast of Saint Sarkis is the day of love in Armenia. On the night before the feast of St. Sarkis, young people eat a salty cookie before going to bed and fall asleep. The key factor is that they must definitely feel thirsty before going to bed, and then in their dream they will see a person who will give them water to drink, thereby proving that he/she is her/his destiny. On this day, lovers give each other cards, flowers and sweets.

In February Armenians also celebrate the Christian holiday – Trndez and visiting Armenia in February you will find out exactly how this holiday is celebrated and what is its main attribute.

Also recently in Armenia, the younger generation has been celebrating February 14 with great enthusiasm – St. Valentine's Day, although it is not a recognized holiday in Armenia.

Travel to Armenia in February 2024, take part in holidays, get acquainted with Armenian culture, organize interesting tours and excursions to its beautiful sights and be sure that historical Armenia will not leave you indifferent!

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Tourist Destinations, Tours and Excursions

Armenia is an ancient country that is incredibly rich in beautiful sights. It is a country that surprises with its nice weather conditions that make different kinds of excursions possible in different regions of the country. In February, you can still enjoy the winter beauty in Tsaghkadzor, Dilijan and Gyumri, feel the spirit of spring in the capital – in Yerevan, organize an interesting and informative tour to the Tatev Monastery, where you can ride the longest cable car in the world, also discovering the splendor of Khndzoresk and the ''Devil's Bridge''.

The beauties of Armenia will conquer your heart at the first visit, and the weather does not matter at all, because nothing can spoil the true beauty!

We are glad to organize interesting and informative tours and excursions to different regions of Armenia, making your rest unforgettable.

You can find all the prices and descriptions of the excursions on our website.

Travel, discover the breathtaking beauties of our planet and start you journey with the visit of the historical country – Armenia!