Rules of Entry to Armenia from Different countries in 2022

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Rules of Entry to Armenia

According to the amendments of the Armenian Government from September 11, 2021 upon entering Armenia, travelers will be asked to provide:

Either a COVID-19 PCR test certificate with a negative result taken within the previous 72 hours before entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia, or certificate of complete vaccination against coronavirus, in dosages defined according to the instructions for use of the given vaccine.

For single-dose vaccines, the travelers should have a certificate confirming that it was injected at least 28 days (4 weeks) before entering the country, and for multi-dose vaccines – a certificate confirming that the last dosage was injected at least 14 days before the entry to the country. 

The travelers from Russia should present the certificates through “Путешествую без COVID-19” (I travel without COVID-19) mobile application. 

Let’s not only travel, but also live without coronavirus!

Rules in Armenia 

Restrictions apply both on entry to Armenia and on the territory of Armenia. Starting from January 22, 2022, a new rule applies in Armenia, according to which everyone, both local residents and travelers, should have a either a COVID-19 PCR test certificate with a negative result taken within the previous 72 hours, or certificate of complete vaccination against coronavirus. This certificate is required to enter restaurants, hotels, museums, theaters and cinemas, concert halls and other public places.

New rules always cause a strong, and perhaps sometimes negative reaction, but perhaps these very new rules will help us get rid of the coronavirus and continue to live, leaving the pandemic behind. As we can remember even at the beginning of 2021 it was hard to believe
that many countries would open their borders, and today in 2022, flights to many countries are available again.

Let's travel, discovering the new beauties of our planet, but at the same time not forgetting the rules that will help us make our future life easier.

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Vaccination in Armenia 

Armenia is one of those countries where foreigners can be vaccinated and get a certificate. An ideal opportunity to organize an interesting and informative trip to this ancient country and at the same time get vaccinated, taking care of your health.

Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines are available for foreign citizens, and the certificate issued in Armenia is accepted in many countries, and that makes many people come to Armenia and get a vaccination. Many people have arrived mostly from Russia, as Russians do not need a visa to enter Armenia, and they can enter with an internal passport, providing a COVID-19 PCR test certificate with a negative result taken within the previous 72 hours. In addition, about 4-5 planes land in Armenia every day from Moscow, and about 8-10 flights from Russia as a whole. 

The only thing you need is to buy a plane ticket, organize an amazing trip to Armenia, and at the same time get vaccinated and get a certificate, which in its turn will allow you to cross the borders of other countries.

Let's fight against coronavirus together, following the rules and not forgetting that there is nothing more valuable than health, as it is the most important component of human life! 

May 2022 be full of bright and unforgettable moments, adventure trips! May it be without loss!