Travel to Armenia in 2024

Travel to Armenia will become the most memorable and amazing trip in your life!

Legendary Armenia is a sunny country in the Caucasus Mountains. Visiting this amazing country once you will do your best to return again and again as its hospitality, beauty, culture and art create a unique atmosphere, there is no any other country in the world like Armenia!

Armenia – an ancient country with centuries-old history!

Is Armenia Worth Visiting?

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Armenia is an amazing country with picturesque beauties and lots of advantages, which prove that Armenia is the country that every true traveller should visit. A trip to Armenia will give you a chance to discover this ancient country in all its glory.

The beauty of the mountainous nature of Armenia is just breathtaking! It is a country of numerous mountains, cliffs, gorges, forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

The nature of Armenia with its beauty makes every trip to this amazing country unforgettable.

Armenia is an ancient country with centuries-old history and with the beautiful capital which is 29 years older than Rome. Armenia was the first country in the whole world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 and thanks to this fact became the country where all the Christians should have a pilgrimage tour at least once.

Armenian history is a few thousand years old and it reached its peak during the reign of Tigran II the Great in the 1st century BC when the territory of the Great Armenia stretched from sea to sea.

Armenia is not the country that is worth visiting – it is the country that is necessary to visit!

A tour in this historical country will be full of bright and memorable moments!

How to Get to Armenia?

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The road that leads you to the mysterious country – Armenia, makes the first impression on you!

Depending on which country you are coming to Armenia from, you can get to the country of the sun either by car, or by train, or by plane! Arriving to Armenia by car can take several days, but you will have a chance to admire the beauty of the Armenian nature that opens while driving. You can travel to Armenia by train if you are coming from Georgia.

And the last but not the least way to get to Armenia – by plane is the fastest one! There are two airports in Armenia – in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan and in the cultural capital of Armenia – Gyumri. Depending on your tours’ route you can land at the appropriate airport.

Choose the most convenient way for you to travel to this historical country – Armenia and make the start of your amazing trip memorable!

When is the Best Time to Relax in Armenia?

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The ideal season to travel to Armenia does not exist, as each time of the year is perfectly beautiful in Armenia! Your vacation in Armenia will be bright and interesting despite of the time of the year!

Spring in Armenia is time of green colour, time when you can have a tour in mountains and feel the fresh air of winter and at the same time the warm sun of summer.

Your vacation in Armenia in summer will be one of the most memorable trips in your life, as it is time when the sun is shining brightly in the blue sky, when the birds are singing everywhere and when you can enjoy the taste of delicious fruits and berries of Armenia!

Autumn in Armenia is time of yellow and orange colours, time of romantic vacations!

Autumn is the velvet season, time when the weather complements the tour with its special charm, which you will not feel anywhere else in the world.

Vacation in Armenia in winter may become a real adventure for lovers of winter sports. It is time when snow-white beauty makes your trip to this amazingly beautiful country unforgettable. It is time of magic which brings New Year and during this period a tour to the magical city of Armenia – Tsaghkadzor, is a perfect gift for everyone.

Travel to Armenia in any time of the year!

Prices in Armenia

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Armenia is a unique country where people with both an unlimited and limited budget can relax in the luxurious and beautiful places of the country.

Armenia is an amazing country where different tours and trips can be organized depending on the budget of the guests.

Everyone can choose a trip through Armenia according to his/her budget, as it is a country where it is possible to find everything with the most interesting prices.

Travel to Armenia and make sure of all above said!

Accommodation in Armenia

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The key factor of each wonderful trip is a rest in a comfortable hotel, where you can relax and gain new strength after each adventurous tour.

The best option of accommodation in Yerevan is in the hotel in the heart of the capital of Armenia near the Republic Square, where you can walk and enjoy the beauty of Yerevan and the singing fountains in the evening.

Travel in Armenia and have an unforgettable trip!

The best travel destinations in Armenia. When and Where to Go?

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Armenia is an ancient and historical country with rich cultural heritage, numerous beautiful sights, centuries-old churches and monasteries.

It is impossible to imagine a travel in Armenia without a tour to Garni – a pagan temple built in the 1st century AD, and the monastery complex of Geghard – the most visited places of Armenia that truly deserve such attention of the guests. And, of course, no trip in Armenia is possible without visiting the Echmiadzin Monastery Complex, which is the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Each travel in Armenia in summer includes a tour to the blue-eyed Lake Sevan, where you can swim and enjoy the rays of the sun.

Visit of Khor Virap which has an amazing view of the biblical Mount Ararat, is just a necessity in all the seasons of the year!

Do not forget about the longest ropeway in the world – the Wings of Tatev located next to the Tatev monastery complex, which has an amazing legend.

Armenia is a country of wonderful sights that are worth visiting in any time of the year!

Travel to Armenia in 2024 and discover the history, beauty and legends of this beautiful country!