7 Reasons to Have Gyumri in the in the Tour Program in Armenia

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Armenia – an ancient country that is rich in beautiful sights and interesting museums, it is a country that has unique culture; it is an open-air museum.

The capital Yerevan is known for its wonderful architecture that differs it from other cities, it is a pink city of Armenia. Armenia is a beautiful country, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime to reveal not only its beautiful sights, museums, culture and architecture, but also all its breathtaking natural beauty.

One of the most beautiful cities in Armenia is Gyumri – the cultural capital of Armenia, the capital of movies and humor. It is the second largest city in Armenia, where you can enjoy Armenian culture and art, and discover the Armenian identity!

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We present to your attention 7 reasons why it is necessary to have this beautiful city in the tour program in Armenia:

1. Gyumri – Cultural Capital of Armenia, the City of Movies!

It is just impossible even to imagine a tour in Armenia without the visit of its cultural capital – Gyumri, which brings new colours to the trip filling it with unforgettable moments, making the excursions bright and colourful and surprising with its amazing beauty.

Gyumri is also considered the capital of movies in Armenia, and during your excursion, you can walk along the picturesque streets of the cultural capital, where Armenian movies were filmed in Soviet times, you can go back to the past for a moment and feel the presence of your favorite actors, and become a part of your favorite movies.

Undoubtedly, Gyumri is on the list of Armenian cities that must be visited during a trip to this historic country!

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2. Gyumri is a City of Humor!

It is not a secret at all that people living in Gyumri have extraordinary sense of humor, and the most evident example of the told above is the great Armenian actor Frunzik Mkrtchyan, who, despite his quite tragic life, had always been a man who amused everyone around, changing his speeches in the movies, making them more humoristic. It is thanks to his boundless talent that films with his participation were loved by everyone and were always distinguished and became real masterpieces.

Do not miss the chance, include the visit of the city of humor in your tour, and feel the warm and humorous atmosphere of this city!

3. Gyumri – a City Where You Can Visit the Houses-Museums of the Talented Sons of Armenians!

Gyumri is a city where many talented Armenians were born, and accordingly, here one can find their houses-museums. The house-museums of Mher Mkrtchyan, Avetik Isahakyan and Hovhannes Shiraz can be visited in the cultural capital of Armenia, not far from each other.

One of the most interesting house-museums, which is located in Gyumri, is the home of the famous Frunzik Mkrtchyan, a wonderful actor who left a deep mark in the heart of every single Armenian.

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In the house-museum you can see the artist's personal belongings, gifts, his stage costumes, photographs and his favorite books. Start your tour in Gyumri with the visit of the house-museums, and discover the talented sons of Armenians!

4. Gyumri – a City Where the Past Peacefully Coexists with Modernity Today!

The tragic earthquake in 1988 destroyed some cities of Armenia, and Gyumri was among them. A tragedy in the result of which Armenians stayed with destroyed homes and lives. Today in Gyumri the past peacefully coexists with the present!

During your tour in Gyumri, you will see how centuries-old buildings have been restored today, you will see how perfectly the past and the present are combined – after all, the past is always hidden in the roots of the new!

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5. Gyumri – a City of Beautiful Sights!

Gyumri is a city that delights and surprises with its sights, churches, museums and fortresses.

Two powerful churches – Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God (Seven Wounds) and the Holy Saviour's Church are located on Vardanants Square and look at each other, and walking along the square you can feel the flow of positive energy that comes from the churches. Gyumri is rich in beautiful sights, for which it is worth organizing a tour to the cultural capital of Armenia.

Travel to Armenia and start your trip with the visit of Gyumri, where the "Hollywood Courtyard", the house-museum of Mher Mkrtchyan, the Black Fortress and much more wait for you.

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6. Gyumri – a City Where You Can Have a Phaeton Ride!

The phaeton eventually became a symbol of Gyumri, and although today it is not the main mode of transport, you can still have a ride on it in Gyumri.

A great reason to include an excursion in Gyumri in a tour in Armenia, as the ride on the phaeton, maybe just for a few minutes, but will return you to the past, where you will “meet” with your favorite actors and just enjoy the moment.

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7. Gyumri – a City Where You Can Enjoy the Amazing Taste of Armenian National Dishes and Not Only!

Armenia is a country known for its centuries-old culture, and its cuisine is the most delicious part of it. In Gyumri, as in other cities of Armenia, you can enjoy the unsurpassed taste of Armenian dishes and desserts, and also only here you can taste the Ponchik-Monchik donut – a sweetness that simply melts in your mouth.

Organize a tour in Armenia, include an excursion in Gyumri in your trip and reveal all its amazing beauty!