Top 7 Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Armenia

Armenian cuisine is diverse and includes both meat dishes and dishes that are ideal for vegetarians. For example, the queen of Armenian cuisine is dolma, but in Armenia one can also find a dolma with lentils, peas, red beans, etc. that can be called vegetarian dolma.

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Unfortunately, there is not many vegetarian restaurants or vegetarian menus in Armenia, but almost in all restaurants, one can find vegetarian dishes on the menu.

We present to your attention the TOP-7 restaurants for vegetarians in Armenia:

1. Restaurant Dr. Veggie

Restaurant Dr. Veggie is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Yerevan.

Many people wonder what vegetarians eat if they do not eat meat and dairy products. In the restaurant Dr. Veggie are served healthy, beautifully presented vegetarian dishes that have an extraordinary taste.

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The restaurant is located in the central part of the city, which allows its visitors to enjoy not only delicious food, but also the beauty of this ancient city.

Yerevan is a city where people of all tastes can find food that they prefer, which is also tasty and healthy.

Start your journey from the historical capital of Armenia, which will win your hearts with its beauty and hospitality.

2. Restaurant LifeFood

LifeFood is another restaurant in the very center of the city, where vegetarian dishes – healthy foods, are served that are the key to the most productive and happy life; it is the source of all the necessary nutrients; it brings health, happiness and harmony in people’s life.

LifeFood is a restaurant where vegetarians can enjoy amazing vegetarian dishes!

3. Eat & Fit Healthy Food Café

Eat & Fit Healthy Food Café – a restaurant where fresh and delicious food is served.

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There are not many vegetarian restaurants in Armenia, and mainly the restaurants do not have a special vegetarian menu, but in many restaurants in Armenia, one can find delicious dishes for vegetarians, and Eat & Fit Healthy Food Café is one of them.

4. Restaurant Zeituna Home of Food

Zeituna Home of Food is a restaurant in the central part of Yerevan. The concept of this restaurant is “Home of Food”. By using the word “home” in the restaurant’s slogan, its creators are hinting to visitors that the restaurant serves the same delicious food as mom cooks at home. Despite the fact that this restaurant does not have a separate vegetarian menu, this is one of the vegetarians’ favorite places, as it is here that you can find delicious, beautifully presented dishes for vegetarians.

5. Restaurant Mayrig Yerevan

Mayrig Yerevan – a restaurant serving Western Armenian dishes – Western cuisine with Armenian motives. Mayrig restaurant, unfortunately, does not have a separate vegetarian menu, but the restaurant offers such a variety of dishes that it can satisfy visitors of all tastes.

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Mayrig Yerevan – delicious food, warm atmosphere – the best choice of restaurant!

6. Restaurant Lavash

The national cuisine of each country perfectly describes the culture of the nation.

“Lavash” restaurant is one of the colourful restaurants in Yerevan, where are served not only tasty, but also healthy dishes. The “Lavash” restaurant also does not have a separate vegetarian menu, but there are delicious vegetarian dishes.

Also, in “Lavash” restaurant you can see how Armenians bake Armenian bread – lavash, and thereby get acquainted with the Armenian cuisine.

Travel to Armenia and discover all its extraordinary and original restaurants for vegetarians.

7. Restaurant Tavern Yerevan Riverside

Yerevan Riverside “Tavern Yerevan Riverside” is one of the original restaurants in Yerevan, where you can enjoy the natural beauty while staying in the city. This restaurant is located in the city center on the banks of the Hrazdan River. 

Unfortunately, this restaurant also does not have a separate vegetarian menu, but of course, there are delicious vegetarian dishes.

Despite the fact that there are not many vegetarian restaurants in Armenia, or a separate vegetarian menu, almost all restaurants in various parts of this historical country serve vegetarian dishes that surprise not only with their taste, but also with beautiful design.

Travel to Armenia, discover its beautiful sights, interesting museums, enjoy its beautiful architecture and warm atmosphere, and be sure that in Armenia you will find the most delicious and fresh vegetarian dishes. Besides, let's not forget that Armenia is the country of sweet and juicy fruits!