Mountainous Tourism in Armenia

Mountainous tourism in mountainous country – Armenia!

Human beings are the only creatures on the earth capable of thinking and transmitting their thoughts to others! Thanks to that capability human beings for thousands of years sought to reveal all the hidden corners of the world. Today there is no longer even a single place on the earth where no man’s foot has stepped. The thirst for knowledge always pulls people to discover all the new and unknown things in the world. The thirst of people to discover all the new made this type of active tourism begin: after discovering all the sights of each city, people started climbing mountains to find out what was hidden at the very top of the mountain, and they liked the process of climbing so much that they turned it into a special type of tourism, and for some people – even a type of sport!

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Mountainous tourism is the most popular type of active tourism in Armenia, as it is a country of magnificent mountains which are ideal for climbing. Armenia has already more than 2 centuries of experience in this type of extreme tourism: the history of Armenian mountain climbing began with the biblical Mount Ararat back in 1829.

Mountainous Armenia is a country of mountains and rocks, a country of stones, deep gorges, high canyons and mountain ranges – an ideal paradise for active tourism lovers!

Travel to Armenia will discover for you the new heights that are worth conquering!

Climbing Armenian Mountains

Armenia is the country of high and beautiful mountains!

Mountainous tourism is one of the most popular types of active rest in Armenia thanks to the following mountains:

1. Aragats – the highest point of Armenia with the height of 4090 meters.

The Mount Aragats is an isolated four-peaked volcano massif in Armenia. There are many legends connected to the mount Aragats and one of them tells, that Gregory the Illuminator, who converted Armenia into Christianity in the early 4th century, used to pray on the peak of the mountain. At nighttime, an icon-lamp was shining giving light to him, the lamp was hanging from heaven without any rope. According to the legend the icon-lamp is still there, but only the worthy ones can see it.

Climbing the Mount Aragats will make your travel to Armenia unforgettable!

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2. Ararat – one of the greatest symbols of Armenia!

According to an ancient Armenian legend, Aragats and Mount Ararat were loving sisters, but in one moment they started quarreling as they wanted to know which of them were higher and more beautiful. The Mount Marutasar was trying to make them come to the agreement for a long time, but all the efforts were in vain. So, the Mount Marutasar cursed them to be parted and separated permanently and the curse turned into reality.

Organize your mountainous tour to Armenia and find out which of the above-mentioned mountains is higher and more beautiful!

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3. Khustup – the highest peak of the Khustup-Qatar ridge, which is located in Syunik Province of Armenia. The height of the mountain is 3206 meters, and near the mountain flows Vachagan River.

This mountain is famous cause the Armenian national hero, military leader Garegin Nzhdeh is buried on the slopes of Mount Khustup.

The mountainous tour in Armenia should include the climbing this magical mountain!

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4. Azhdahak – one of the most beautiful mountains in Armenia, which is worthy of all the admiration in the world.

Azhdahak – a dormant volcano, the highest point of Gegham mountains. The magical lake in the crater of volcano makes the climbing even more attractive. From the top of the mountain opens the breathtaking landscape of mountains Ararat, Hatis, Ara, Aragats, Lake Sevan, the whole Gegham mountains and the Kotayk valley.

A tour which will include the climbing Azhdahak mountain will not only be full of adventures, but also will give you a chance to enjoy the amazing view!

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5. Araler – the amazing mountain in Armenia, which is located between the rivers Kasagh and Hrazdan.

The name of Ara mountain is in the honour of the Armenian king Ara the Beautiful.

According to the legend, the Assyrian queen Semiramis was captivated by the beauty of the Armenia king Ara and wanted to marry him and to connect Assyria and Armenia and rule together with Ara.

All the efforts of the Assyrian queen were in vain, as the Armenian king Ara was not in love with her and rejected her offer. The rejection of the Armenian king broke the heart of Semiramis and she started a war wanting to force Ara to marry her and told her army to bring Ara to her kingdom alive.

During the war, the Armenian king was killed on the slopes of the mountain. Legend says that the body of the king is lying there till now and in case of looking carefully we can notice that the mountain has the shape of a lying man. This is the reason why the mountain is called Ara.

Travel to mountainous Armenia will become the most memorable tour in your live thanks to the climbing, which will help you to discover the legends of Armenia!

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6. Gutanasar is a three-peaked dormant volcano in Armenia, which is located in Kotayk Province.

Gutanasar is a part of the Gegham mountains volcanic area and appear to share a common feeding conduit.

Each peak of Armenia has an incomparable beauty!

Armenia is the country where each tour of active tourism will be full of adventures and bright moments!

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Mountain Resorts in Armenia

Armenia, being a mountainous country, is famous for several mountain resorts, such as Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Sevan.

Tsaghkadzor is a small resort town where you can get to the very top of the mountain by a ropeway and then skiing or snowboarding down in a high speed feeling all the magic of the mountain. The main advantage of this resort town is the favorable climate, good infrastructure, and amazing nature.

An ideal mountain resort for an adventure tour!

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Jermuk is another beautiful ski resort in Armenia, which has all the privileges as Tsaghkadzor does, it is a wonderful town where you can also ski and enjoy the beautiful sights of this magically beautiful city.

Sevan is a beautiful ski resort where you can also organize tours of active tourism.

This mountain resort is still in development process but has all the chances to become one of the most developed mountain resorts of Armenia!

Armenia is a country where lovers of mountain rest can spend an unforgettable time!

Hiking in the Mountains

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The aim of hiking in the mountains is to improve human skills in overcoming natural obstacles using various tactics and techniques.

Armenia is a mountainous country with wonderful weather all year round, due to which hiking in the mountains of Armenia becomes possible for almost 7-8 months a year. The perfect time for hiking in Armenia is August, time when you still feel the warm rays of sun and at the same time the cool and pleasant wind – you feel the beginning of autumn.

Hiking in the mountains will complement your mountainous tour in Armenia making your travel one of the brightest and memorable ones.

Armenia – a mountainous country of high mountains and beautiful mountain resorts, a real paradise for active tourism lovers and magical beauty seekers!