Why should you visit Armenia in 2024?

Visit to Armenia in 2024 will be the most unforgettable trip in your whole life!

Armenia is a historical country with breathtaking views, ancient monasteries, wonderful museums and amazing culture and architecture.

Discover the most incredibly beautiful places of the country of stones – Armenia!

Armenia – an Open-air Museum

Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world which has many magnificent treasures.

The works of primal masters, ancient manuscripts, historical fortresses and monuments, picturesque cities and castles hidden high in the mountains, amazing monasteries and churches, Armenian crossstones – all these you can see in the open-air museum – in Armenia!

Having a trip in Armenia will give you a chance to see both modern and ancient beauties in one place making your vacation in Armenia full of bright colours and unforgettable moments!

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The Nature of Armenia

The nature of Armenia is worth the admiration of every human being. The mountains, lakes and forests are amazingly beautiful.

Armenia is known around the world as Mountainous Armenia, as from every corner of our country you can see beautiful landscapes of amazing beauty. One of the symbols of Armenia is Mount Ararat.

During your tour in Armenia you will have a guaranteed view of the beautiful biblical mountain!

The highest mountain in Armenia is Aragats, the name of which originates from the words Արա Ara + գահ gah, which translates to "Ara's throne". Ara refers to the legendary hero Ara the Beautiful.

According to an ancient Armenian legend, Aragats and Mount Ararat were loving sisters who parted after a quarrel and separated permanently.

The nature of Armenia impresses not only with mountain landscapes, but also with rich forests and lakes of incomparable beauty.

Organize your vacation in Armenia in 2024 and become a part of this charming nature.

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Armenia is great country to have a trip in any season, as each period of the year is magically beautiful in our wonderful country.

Vacation in Armenia in winter will give you a chance to fully enjoy winter sports.

In winter, nature in Armenia is covered with white snow and fascinates with its beauty. With the first rays of the sun, snow begins to shine, creating the impression that diamonds are falling from the sky, the windows are painted with bizarre patterns and the snowy time fascinates with its magic.

The first snowdrops become visible when the bright colour spring arrives making the nature come back to life. The sun shines brightly in the blue sky and the bird songs are heard everywhere - spring opens the doors of Armenia for tourists.

Vacation in Armenia are especially wonderful in the summer, when you can have a long trip to the most magical places of Armenia.

The most perfect time to have a tour to Armenia is autumn, when it is neither hot nor cold, a light wind blows and there is an incredible variety of fruits and vegetables, so during this period of the year, Armenia for tourists is a piece of heaven on the earth!

Armenian weather is charming all year round, so your tour to Armenia will become the brightest and the most memorable part of your life.

Ancient Historical Heritage

Armenia is a country with a rich historical heritage. Armenia is the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion, and that is why monasteries are the main part of Armenian heritage. Each magically beautiful monastery in Armenia has its own history that’s worth knowing.

Armenia has all the prospects for the pilgrimage tourism development, and already in 2024, we invite you to become a part of a religious tour.

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Culture and Art

Over the centuries, Armenians created a unique and wonderful culture, and even when the country faced the fact of destruction, each Armenian tried to save and preserve every invisible piece of Armenian culture. Art has always occupied a special place in it. The works of Armenian masters can be found in the National Art Gallery of Yerevan. Armenia is also famous for its carpets of amazing beauty! Armenians started to create that beauty from the ancient times, and the whole history is inscribed in the ornaments of the carpets!

Visit to Armenia and get to know the Armenian culture in every corner of the country!

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People and Hospitality

Armenians are one of the most ancient nations of the world who are famous for their hard work and hospitality. It is a nation with its centuries-old traditions and amazing culture.

The Armenian hospitality became known throughout the world due to the development of tourism.

Each Armenian has a warm attitude towards the tourists, they receive the guests as a gift from God.

Visit to Armenia and enjoy the hospitality and warm attitude of this ancient nation!

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Cuisine – Food, Fruits, Vegetables and of Course Wine

Armenian cuisine is one of the most delicious ones in the world. Nowhere else you can enjoy the taste of Armenian dolma, xash, ghapama, khorovats, etc.

Armenian culinary traditions come from ancient times. Armenian cuisine is a good reason to visit this historical country.

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Armenia is also famous for its incredible variety of fruits and vegetables. One of the symbols of Armenia is apricot, a fruit with the taste of the sun.

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Armenia is also well-known throughout the world for its extraordinary taste of wine. In 2024, four wine festivals will be held in Armenia - in the capital Yerevan, in Ashtarak, Artsakh and Areni. You will have an opportunity to taste the wines with a thousand-year history.

The doors of Armenia are open for tourists! Make your vacation in Armenia unforgettable!

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Lake Sevan

Amazing beauty of the lake Sevan! The lake view changes every week and each time becomes more and more beautiful! You can enjoy the best view of the blue-eyed treasure – Lake Sevan from the Sevanavank Monastery located at the southern shore of a small island – it is just breathtaking!

Visit to Armenia and see the beauty of “Blue Pearl” of Armenia with your own eyes!

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And of Course, Yerevan

The capital of Armenia – Yerevan, the largest city of the country, one of the most ancient cities of the world.

The city which is 29 years older than Rome!

Yerevan is also called “Pink City” because of the color of the stone used for building. Have a tour in Yerevan and you can easily spot that the houses along the way blend into the pinkish hills.

The capital of Armenia is one of the safest cities in the world and it is also famous for its small fountains with drinking water, which one can see in every corner of the city.

Have a trip to Armenia in 2024 and start with the heart of the country – Yerevan!

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