Summer in Armenia in 2024

Summer in Armenia is the brightest time of the year, it is out of any doubts, and 2024 is not an exception!

Everyone who has seen and felt the cold of winter realizes how much magic contains summer, time when the sun shines brightly, giving its warmth and warming souls, raising the mood of people and giving joy.

Travel to Armenia at this fabulous time of the year and discover all its beauty in all its splendor!

How to Spend Time, What to Do?

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With the advent of summer, everyone begins to plan the summer vacations, considering all the sights of every city trying to choose the most suitable and amazing one for their trip, where the longawaited rest should become unforgettable.

We invite you to Armenia, to the country of wonderful sights, amazing culture, centuries-old history and an excellent atmosphere for a rest with children.

Exciting tours to the most incredibly beautiful corners of Armenia will stay in your memory during all your lifetime!

Have a rest in Armenia in the summer of 2024 and enjoy the amazing beauty of this country!

Where to Go and What to See?

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Armenia is well-known to many people as the first country to have adopted Christianity as a state religion, and, that is one of the reasons, why Armenia is a country of churches, temples and monasteries. A trip to Armenia will give you an unforgettable and extremely positive experience during which you will discover the whole ancient beauty of this fabulous country. A pilgrimage tour of the most ancient monasteries will give you a chance to have one more memorable vacation.

Armenia is also known for its incredible nature: mountain landscapes, blue-eyed lakes and mysteriously beautiful forests that are all in green in summer.

Besides the monasteries and beautiful nature, Armenia is also famous for the numerous museums and cultural centers that will complement your tour through Armenia and make your rest of 2024 unforgettable!

Weather in Armenia in Summer

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Summer in Armenia – long sunny days when you have all the time of the world to enjoy the brightly shining sun, organizing exciting tours to the most magical corners of Armenia.

The weather in Armenia in the summer is just wonderful! It is time when you can see green trees and colorful bright flowers everywhere, when you can hear the birds’ singing and enjoy the smiles of people passing by you, time when magic surrounds you and makes you feel even better.

Summer is the best time of the year for having a vacation in Armenia, as the nature is revealed in all its splendor exactly in summer, it is time when every sight looks even more attractive!

Have a rest in the summer of 2024 in Armenia and make sure of all the said above!

Summer Holidays and Festivals

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Summer – time of holidays and festival in Armenia. Many festivals will be held in Armenia in the summer of 2024, such as the festivals of eco-tourism, chocolate, honey and berry, watermelons, barbecue, the festival of the Armenian national cloth – Taraz, water festival – Vardavar and many others.

Organizing your vacations in Armenia during the Taraz festival in the summer of 2024, you can learn about the Armenian national cloth and reveal the secrets of the Armenian culture.

Festival “Yerevan Taraz Fest” is divided into two parts. The trade fair takes place in the first part of the event, and in the second part – show of the designer’s collections of the Armenian national clothes.

Do not miss the chance to pass an unforgettable rest and take part in one of the brightest festivals of 2024 in Armenia!

We invite all the lovers of delicious food to Armenia in the summer of 2024, where you can participate in various festivals and enjoy the great taste of Armenian dishes, fruits and berries.

The best way to have a splendid rest in summer in Armenia is to take part in water festival – Vardavar. On the day of Vardavar, everybody pours water with rose petals on one another, starting early in the morning, people from a wide array of ages douse strangers with water. It is common to see people pouring buckets of water from balconies on unsuspecting people walking below them.

It is the funniest holiday, especially for children, so it will give you an opportunity to have an unforgettable vacation with children!

Your vacations in the summer of 2024 in Armenia will become the most memorable trip of your life, thanks to the most delicious and fun holidays.

Active rest

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Armenia is a mountainous country – a real paradise for active rest lovers!

This amazingly beautiful country will provide you with the opportunity to climb a mountain, to paraglide, to raft on a mountain river, to fly in a hot air balloon and much more will become available for you in Armenia – the only thing you need is a desire. A trip to Armenia is a wonderful opportunity to realize your adventurous dreams, become a conqueror of heights, feel freedom, complete unity with nature and enjoy amazing tours full of wonderful sights.

Armenia is a small paradise on earth! Organize your rest in the summer of 2023 to Armenia and become a part of this heaven!

And How Without Them: Fruits of Armenia

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Armenia has a rich variety of delicious and juicy fruits and berries. It is one of the reasons why so many festivals of fruits and berries are held in summer in Armenia, as during this period of the year you can enjoy the unique taste of apricots, watermelons, raspberries, blueberries, plums, etc.

Enjoy the taste of the most juicy and sweet fruits and berries in Armenia this summer!

Are you looking for the most vivid and unforgettable experiences, waiting for a miracle?

Organize your vacations in Armenia in 2024 and get everything you can only dream about!