Travel to Armenia in July 2024

Armenia is one of those countries of the world, which has that exact breathtaking nature, the beauty of which makes people touch the sky. Nature shows all its splendor in summer – green forests, clean fresh air, birdsong everywhere, happy people around, a brightly shining sun in a blue sky that fills people with some kind of energy and strength – the perfect time to travel!

Start your summer trip from a small but incredibly beautiful country – Armenia!

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Places to Visit in Armenia in July

Armenia is beautiful at any time of the year, but travel is always more pleasant in warm weather, when you can easily move around, when the shining sun gives a natural shine to everything and the world seems brighter and even more beautiful. In July, you can organize a range of interesting tours and excursions to all the regions of Armenia, starting, of course, from the visit of the historical capital of Armenia, which is the homeland of churches and museums, which attracts the travelers with its unique architecture and warm atmosphere. In July, you can fully enjoy the natural beauty of this amazing country, and start with the visit of waterfalls Shaki and “Mermaid's Hair”, then keep on discovering the beauty of Armenia, visiting Khndzoresk, walk along the suspension bridge and feel the adrenaline rush. In picturesque Syunik Province, you can also ride the longest passenger cable car “Wings of Tatev” and pray in the Armenian monastery complex of the IX – X centuries - in the Tatev Monastery that has a power to make the dreams come true.

Also in July, you can travel around the northern part of Armenia, and enjoy the beauty of the Dilijan National Park, visit the monasteries Odzun, Haghpat, Sanahin, as well as other beauties of Lori and Tavush Provinces.

Travel to Armenia in July 2024 and discover all its breathtaking beauty!

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Weather in Armenia in July

Every season has its own colours and beauty in Armenia and summer is not an exception. It is too warm in Armenia in summer, sometimes even hot in daytime, and in the evenings a warm breeze blows, and that is the time of the day when there are a lot of people on the streets of Yerevan – they walk, drink coffee, enjoy the beautiful weather of the capital. In July, the weather in Sevan is just getting warmer, and you can already swim in the blue-eyed lake. It is also warm in the northern part of Armenia in July, but it can be cold in the evenings – a perfect time to light a fire, wrap yourself in a blanket, take a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of wine, and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Organize your rest in Armenia in July 2024 and be sure that it will become one of the most memorable trips of your life.

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Holidays and Events in July

In July, Armenian Constitution Day is celebrated in Armenia, it is a public holiday, a day off for the general population. On this day, different interesting events are organized. Also on July 24, 2024, the summer festival – Vardavar is celebrated, which fills the day with bright and unforgettable moments.

 “Vardavar” is the “Holiday of Roses” – Armenian traditional holiday in honour of Transfiguration of Lord. It is celebrated on Sunday of 14 weeks after Easter and is known for pouring water with rose petals on one another. It is one of the funniest holidays in Armenia.

Spend your rest in July 2024 in Armenia and become a part of this unforgettable event!

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Tourist Destinations, Tours and Excursions

In July, you can organize different tours and excursions throughout Armenia, and include the visits of the most interesting and incredibly beautiful places of the country.

On our website, you can find many different tours and excursions to the most interesting and hidden corners of this ancient country.

Travel in Armenia and discover all its unique and extraordinary beauty!