Hiking Vacations in Armenia

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Hiking and walking excursions are the best ways to discover all the beauty of this amazing and ancient country – Armenia! Only after a walk along the smallest and most picturesque streets of each city, you can see all the real beauty and the unique culture of this country, feel the warm atmosphere, communicate with the inhabitants and discover a completely different – real world!

Top Hiking Destinations

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Armenia has a magical nature that only hiking can help to discover, but the heart of each country that reveals all the peculiarities of the country is its capital, and Yerevan is not an exception.

Only the walking tours will give you a chance to hear the heartbeat of the capital, a walk along the most central parts of the city, such as Republic Square, where singing fountains will complement a beautiful evening, Northern Avenue, where beautiful architecture will conquer your hearts, Cascade, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Yerevan and feel how you hold the capital of Armenia in your hands, will reveal the secrets of the capital of Armenia!

All the hiking tours should start from the heart of Armenia – Yerevan!

Where, if not in the cultural capital of Armenia, can you feel the Armenian spirit?

Gyumri – a beautiful city of Armenia, which will also conquer your hearts in the first walking tour. It is a city which can also be a start point for hiking, as it is surrounded by the natural beauty that is worth seeing and only hiking can help to discover it in all its splendor. Gyumri is the city that gave Armenians great poets, champions, and genius actors such as Frunzik Mkrtchyan. Soviet-Armenian films’ lovers can walk along the streets where the actions of the films such as “Tango of Our Childhood” were taken place, return to the 1980s and feel the spirit of the past.

These two capitals of Armenia are the main destinations for walking excursions that can be the starting points for all the hiking tours, two capitals that will conquer your hearts and make you return more than once to discover all the real hiking destinations of Armenia.

Travel to Armenia, organize walks in the most beautiful cities of the country, hiking in the highest mountains and excursions in the oldest monasteries!

Armenia is a small country with many magical sights!

Trekking in Armenia

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Armenia is a mountainous country – an ideal place for trekking and hiking, it is a country with beautiful nature – green forests, big canyons, and high mountains. Only thanks to trekking the human beings can merge with nature and feel all its strength and power.

One of the most beautiful places for trekking is the forests of Dilijan, which surrounds the Dilijan National Park and leads to the ancient monasteries, this is a place where you can have a wonderful hiking tour enjoying the wild nature and at the same time visiting the magical monasteries of Armenia.

Mountainous Armenia with amazing nature and beautiful rivers is just created for trekking, where you can spend an unforgettable time walking through the most incredibly beautiful places of the country, breathing fresh air, listening to the sounds of water and feeling the calm that only nature gives.

The real paradise for trakking and hiking is Vorotan Pass which is one of the most picturesque places in Armenia. One of the main sights of Armenia – Tatev Monastery is located above the Vorotan Gorge, which is considered the true pearl of Syunik. The longest ropeway in the world, which was included in the Guinness World Records – Wings of Tatev, connects the two edges of this gorge which is unique in its amazing beauty

Armenia is a country of unique landscapes, and every excursion to any part of Armenia will be full of bright and memorable moments!

Mountainous Armenia is also a perfect place for mountain hikes because this is a country of high mountains, the peaks of which are worth conquering, as from the very top a unique view of Armenia is offered! An extreme excursion that will be full of adrenaline!

Thanks to walks, excursions, hiking and trekking, you can reveal all the beauty of Armenia, as it is hidden in the mountainous nature and in the small corners of the picturesque streets!

What Should You take with You on Hiking?

Hiking is one of the most amazing types of excursion which helps to discover all the natural beauty and all thanks to walks and trekking in the mountainous areas and dense forests.

Depending on the quantity of the days of your hiking tour, you need to take with you:

  1. Travel backpack, which size changes depending on the number of days.
  2. A first aid kit with the necessary medicines – as after all, it is a hiking tour in mountainous places.
  3. Food and water.
  4. Utensils for cooking.
  5. Tent, sleeping bag, hiking rug.
  6. A flashlight, which will help you find the road at night.
  7. Warm clothes (it gets colder in the evenings).

Your hiking tour in Armenia will become more memorable thanks to the night stories near the fire, as Armenia is a country of legends, and every hiking, excursion, trekking or just a walk around the city will help you discover all the secrets of this historical country.

Travel to Armenia and enjoy the real natural beauty!