Gastronomic Tours in Armenia

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Life is about the new horizons that only travels can help us discover!

Each country has its own unique peculiarities that cannot be found in any other country. You can find something similar, but, surely, not the same. Only thanks to the curiosity, humanity is moving forward and developing, traveling and discovering new countries and cities, new colours and impressions.

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world, which has a rich culture, and Armenian cuisine forms an integral part of it. The gastronomic tours in Armenia will help true gourmets enjoy Armenian national delicious dishes, get their recipes and develop their culinary skills.

Organize gastronomic tours in Armenia, start your adventurous journey from Yerevan, and feel the extraordinary taste of Armenian national dishes and wines, which will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Types of Gastronomic Tours in Armenia

Armenian cuisine is diverse and unique, and only in Armenia gourmets-connoisseurs can feel the special taste of Armenian dishes, such as dolma, ghapama, harees, etc.

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In Armenia, the gastronomic tourism develops, but some types of it do with great speed:

  1. Restaurant tours – the travelers during their excursions visit restaurants in Yerevan and other regions of the country, the restaurants, which are distinguished by the high quality and national orientation of Armenian cuisine.
  2. Rural tours – the guests harvest the crops with their own hands, participate in a master class on cooking dishes from Armenian cuisine and taste them in a traditional family setting. Respectively, choosing this type of gastronomic tours, the guests not only develop their culinary skills, but also get acquainted with the Armenian culture.
  3. Specialized tours – in this type the wine tours mainly develop in Armenia. Many regions of Armenia have good wineries, and a brandy factory is located in Yerevan.
  4. Combined tours – the most popular type of gastronomic tours in Armenia.
Travel to Armenia, organize gastronomic tours and start your trip from Yerevan, where gourmets can not only taste the Armenian cognac, but also take part in a master class on making Armenian bread – lavash. Besides, in Yerevan you may visit the most exquisite restaurants where you can enjoy the Armenian national dishes with this special taste that only Armenia knows the secret.

Wine Tours

Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world and one of the first ones to start producing wine. Excavations have shown that even in the 6th -5 th centuries B.C. Armenians were growing wild grapes. Not many people know that Armenia is not only famous for its grape wines, but also for pomegranate and plum wines, which taste is just uniquely magical.

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As the Armenian-French chansonnier, composer, poet, writer and actor Charles Aznavour said, “The specialty of the Armenian Wine is that you feel it, but you can't describe it in words.”

Wine tour in Armenia is one of the most popular types of gastronomic tourism, as there are wonderful wineries in different regions of Armenia, which makes it possible to organize an interesting wine tour throughout Armenia, starting, of course, with visit of Armenian Brandy Factory in Yerevan.

In addition, right at the wineries, you can have lunch or dinner, including dishes of Armenian cuisine – a tour that will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet.

Main Directions

Armenia is a small country, but it has a rich culture, centuries-old history, and culinary secrets that pass from generation to generation.

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You can have gastronomic tours in different regions of Armenia:

  1. In Yerevan you can taste Armenian cognac and take part in a master class on making lavash
  2. In Aragatsotn Province you can taste Armenian wines, also you can take part in master classes on making lavash, as well as sweet sujuk, a dessert that has an extraordinary taste, also known as “Armenian snickers”. It is a string of walnuts in a thick syrup made from grape, pomegranate or apricot juice.
  3. In Vayots Dzor Province, you will have a chance to visit Areni winery, and also develop your culinary skills in cooking Armenian dolma, as well as fish, by participating in culinary master classes.
Armenian cuisine is as old as the roots of the Armenian people, as ancient as its history and the land on which it was formed. Armenian culinary traditions date back over 2000 years. It occupies a unique place in the mysterious oriental cuisine. What makes food especially tasty is the love with which it is prepared, which is the main secret of culinary science, and every region of Armenia is ready to surprise you with its hospitality and culinary recipes.

Organize a gastronomic tour in Armenia and enjoy the Armenian delicious dishes that even a sophisticated gourmet will fall in love with.