The Best Amusement Parks for Kids in Armenia 2024

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Family rest is the best vacation that exists! Armenia has an extraordinary natural beauty, many interesting museums in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia, and, of course, amazing sights.

Besides, all the mentioned above, Armenia, in particularly Yerevan, is rich in different amusement parks, and it is just impossible to imagine a family rest in Armenia without visiting those parks that are so funny not only for children, but also…

Below you will find the list of the best amusement parks in Armenia:

Park 1 – Yerevan Park

Yerevan Park is a little wonderland for children with many attractions, cartoon characters, where different entertainment events are organized.

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Yerevan Park is like Disneyland in other countries, here you appear in a real fairy tale, where everything, absolutely everything is for children. In this amazing park one day will seem just a minute to you – a minute full of bright colours, unforgettable moments, magic and, of course, joy and happiness.

Have a family rest in Armenia and start it with the visit of Yerevan Park – a real wonderland, dream of every child, a magical place where you can make new joyful and happy memories!

Park 2 – Victory Park

An amusement park for children of all ages! Victory Park is rich in many different attractions for children of all ages, including attractions, thanks to which you and your older children can feel an adrenaline rush.

One of the most popular attractions in Victory Park is the Ferris wheel, and when you reach the peak, a breathtaking view of Yerevan opens in front of you, and you have the feeling to have the whole city is in the palm of your hand.

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Also, in this amusement park you can enjoy the long-forgotten, but still favorite taste of sweets for children.

Park 3 – Zazaland

Zazaland – a small paradise for children, an amazing place with different entertainments and caring staff. Zazaland Park attracts not only with interactive attractions, but also with “Arts & crafts” corner where children are able to master and develop their creative skills and imagination.

Visit Zazaland in Yerevan and make your children’s childhood full of interesting, joyful and carefree moments!

Park 4 – Luna Park

Luna Park – one more amusement park in Yerevan, where a variety of attractions will give your children extremely positive emotions.
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One of the children’s favorite attractions, regardless of gender and age, is a race track – for all the fast and extreme driving lovers, it is also an ideal opportunity to test the strength.

Park 5 – Yeraz Park – Winter Park

Yeraz Park (translated from Armenian “Dream Park”) is a great place for an interesting pastime with children, an amusement park where you can bring back the old times – your childhood.

In warm weather a real fairy tale is waiting for you – "Alice in Wonderland", "Children's World", "Animal World", etc. and in winter it turns into a Winter Park, where on the New Year's Eve you can even visit the houses of Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, enjoy the winter beauty, go ice skating and have an unforgettable time. Travel with children and enjoy a real fairy tale in Armenia!

Park 6 - Citizen

Citizen is a town of small people, an adult world for children, a children's town of professions. Everything here is like in the real world – streets, buildings, squares.

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There is a municipality, police, hospital, fire station, rescue service, bank, beauty salon, etc., where children choose their profession, earn their money, decide where to go and on what to spend. Give your child a chance to become an adult, being a child, just for one day!

Park 7 – Fort Arena

Are you tired of amusement parks with different attractions?! Then the visit of Fort Arena is exactly what you need! Here you will find entertaining, but, at the same time, intellectual games, the opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with your children, be on the same wavelength with them, play in the same team, feel energy and adrenaline.

Spend an amazing day full of bright and memorable moments!

P.S. Entrance for children over 7 years

Travel to Armenia, visit different amusement parks for children, spend an unforgettable time with your children and feel the taste of childhood!