Ski Resorts in Armenia

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Ski resort of Armenia – the ideal place for an active rest, where you can not only ski and snowboard, but can also enjoy magically beautiful snow-white landscapes of Armenian winter.

Armenia, being a mountainous country, has high mountain peaks which offer amazing views. The ski resorts of Armenia give an opportunity to climb to the top, and then, ski or snowboard down in a high speed, feeling the adrenaline.

Organize your winter rest in Armenia, and the tours to ski resorts will help you discover the fabulous winter of this amazing country.

Ski Season in Armenia

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Armenia is a country where each season has its own unique beauty. It is quite cold in Armenia in winter, but even at this time of the year in Armenia you can find interesting entertainments and have an unforgettable rest full of adventurous tours.

In Armenia, the opening of the ski season depends on the weather of each year, sometimes the season opens from November, sometimes with the beginning of winter and lasts until March, or, possibly, depending on the year, until April.

Ski resorts in Armenia such as Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Sevan invite all the winter sports’ lovers to enjoy their time in all these ski resorts, as they are the most visited resorts of Armenia, especially Tsaghkadzor. These are not only the ski resorts, but also the most beautiful tourist cities in Armenia, where you can not only spend the ski season enjoying the winter sports, but also spend wonderful winter holidays.

Organize the winter tours to the ski resorts of Armenia and discover all the splendor of winter.

Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort

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Tsaghkadzor – one of the most beautiful cities in Armenia, which is known as one of the best ski resorts in this ancient country, and it is not too far from the capital of Armenia – 60 km from Yerevan, about an hour's drive.

Tsaghkadzor is a small, sparsely populated resort town, which is quite famous as a ski resort with well-developed infrastructure and hotels for every taste.

The main peculiarities of this resort are its favorable climate, restaurants with breathtaking views and fascinating nature. Tsaghkadzor has a range of wonderful hotels for every taste and pocket, 4 * - 5 * hotels with interesting prices, amazing ski runs, ski and snowboard rental places and everything you need for an active rest, and the experienced instructors who speak foreign languages will help you to master and overcome easily any difficulties of this type of extreme rest.

Tsaghkadzor – an ideal ski resort for an adventurous tour for tourists of all ages, regardless of skiing level!

Jermuk Ski Resort

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Jermuk – a beautiful city in Armenia, which is famous for its healing waters. In winter it invites all the active rest lovers to spend unforgettable time. Jermuk ski resort is as beautiful and amazing as the more famous Tsaghkadzor, here you can also go skiing and at the same time enjoy the wonderful sights of this marvelous city. Here you can also take care of your health using the healing waters of this city.

Each ski resort in Armenia has its own amazing sides and advantages, but despite this, you can have a rest with quite interesting prices.

Travel to Armenia, organize tours to the ski resorts of Armenia, discover all the peculiarities of each and chose the city that you will fall in love with at the first sight.

Sevan Ski Resort

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Sevan – a magnificent city in Armenia, which is actively visited at any time of the year. In warm weather, tourists enjoy the beauty of the blue-eyed pearl of Armenia – Lake Sevan, and in winter this place turns into a ski resort, where you can not only have interesting tours and go skiing, but also you can walk around the city and visit sights and monasteries, as the Armenian monastery of the 9th century – Sevanavank, is in this city.

Visit Sevan and discover all its beauty.

Active Winter Holidays in Armenia

Winter – the most magical time of the year, time of winter activities, time of winter holidays.

Celebrate your New Year 2024 in Armenia – in a country which has many breathtaking ski resorts and can offer adventurous tours with interesting prices.

You can find all the tours with prices on our website.

Travel to Armenia in winter 2023-2024 and enjoy winter rest in the ski resorts Tsaghkadzor, Jermuk and Sevan.