Tourism in Armenia in 2024

 Armenia is one of the ancient countries in the world, which is known for its many amazingly beautiful sights. The beauty of every village and city, starting from Yerevan, will conquer your hearts making you return more than once.

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Sightseeing tourism

The capital of Armenia – Yerevan is the homeland of numerous museums, and Armenia itself is considered an open-air museum. The beautiful architecture of Yerevan – houses made of pink tuff, as well as architectural masterpieces in other regions of Armenia distinguish it from other countries of the world, giving a special beauty to every corner of Armenia.

The main attraction of Yerevan is the Republic Square, which is especially beautiful in the warm season, when in the evening you can enjoy the magnificent singing fountains.

One of the most famous sights of Armenia is the Tatev Monastery, which is located in the picturesque Syunik Province. It is here that you can ride the longest cable car in the world listed by UNESCO, with an interesting price.

The true admirers of natural beauty should visit the blue-eyed pearl of Armenia – Lake Sevan, and continue the trip visiting the little Switzerland in Armenia – Dilijan. The road from the lake first rises into the mountains, and then dives into a long tunnel, leaving which you seem to find yourself in a completely different world: high mountains, dense forests, the healing fresh air of the Dilijan reserve, which surrounds the city from all sides.

Armenia is a small country, but it is rich in beautiful sights that can amaze with their breathtaking beauty.

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Medical tourism

Health is the most important in everyone’s life, and that is why medical tourism is developing at a high speed!

Medicine in Armenia is quite developed, and, thanks to this, the medical tourism in Armenia becomes possible. In Armenia, you can not only undergo treatment with experienced specialists, but you can also do it at very interesting prices. Today, dental tours are developing rapidly in Armenia, since there are many experienced specialists here, and medical care is cheaper here.

During dental tours in Armenia, you will be offered the following range of services: dental treatment, dental prosthetics, dental implantation and much more.

When it comes to health, it is necessary to choose carefully, and Armenia offers not only good clinics, but also interesting prices.

Еxtreme tourism

Armenia is a country of stones, mountains, rocks, deep gorges, mountain rivers, high canyons and mountain ranges – a real paradise for extreme tourism lovers!

Armenia is a country where all kinds of extreme and active tourism are available, where one can enjoy an extreme adventure vacations, where adrenaline, thrill and adventure seekers can gain wings and fly above the ground enjoying the most beautiful landscapes, where they can try their forces in rafting along the mountain river and feel the power and beauty of the wild nature, where they can stop life for a few seconds and enjoy a free fall from a height into the abyss, where they can enjoy the fresh winter air while skiing and snowboarding in a high-speed, where they can go mountain and rock climbing and spend an unforgettable vacation in the mountainous country – Armenia!

While enjoying the extreme vacations all the safety measures must be observed, cause besides having a great time, it is important to make extreme vacations as safe as possible.

Armenia – a dream of every active tourism lover!

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Religious tourism

Armenia, being the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion, is a country of temples and monasteries, and Yerevan is the capital of churches.

Where, if not in Armenia, is it possible to make a pilgrimage?

Every church, temple or monastery in Armenia has its own magical power and magical energy, it is the belief in the accomplishment of a miracle during the pilgrimage to the ancient monasteries of Armenia that directs believers to this historical country.

Armenia also has an amazing natural beauty, which makes pilgrimage more interesting.

Start your religious tour from the very heart of Armenia – from Yerevan, and continue it by visiting the Echmiadzin Monastery Complex – the main monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians, Geghard Monastery, Khor Virap, Noravank, Haghartsin monasteries ...

There is a powerful reason to consider Armenia a country of churches and monasteries!

Travel to Armenia and enjoy its magical beauty