Travel to Armenia in March 2024

March – the first month of spring, the time when nature begins to wake up from hibernation, the rays of the sun warm and delicate shades of pink replace white.

Places to Visit in Armenia in March

Armenia – one of the oldest countries in the world, which is incredibly rich in centuries-old churches and monasteries, interesting museums, beautiful sights, and, of course, breathtaking landscapes. In March, Armenia already attracts with its warm weather, the time when you can have a horseback riding in the frame of the excursion discovering all the amazing natural beauty of Armenia.

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In warm weather, one wants to enjoy not only the beauty of such places as Garni, Geghard, Zvartnots, but also wants to travel to the most hidden, albeit distant corners of this historical country. Having visited Armenia in March, do not forget to visit Noravank, Khndzoresk, Shaki waterfall, Haghartsin, the blue-eyed treasure of Armenia – Lake Sevan and its other astonishing beauties.

Armenia – a country of amazing sights and unsurpassed landscapes!

Weather in Armenia in March

Armenia – one of those countries in the world where every season is truly beautiful. With the onset of spring, the weather is slowly getting warmer, the rays of the sun warm, the birds return from warm lands, nature begins to bloom and cities cover with green and soft pink colours. However,… the locals are used to calling this month crazy March, and all because it  is the month when it can rain, snow, and some minutes later the sun can shine in the sky… It is hard to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow!

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Nevertheless, despite all of the mentioned above, let's not forget that March is the first month of spring, and, accordingly, with its onset, the warm weather comes.

March – crazy, but still a wonderful month of spring!

Holidays and Events in March

In March, March 8– International Women's Day is celebrated, when a festive mood flies in the sky, congratulations are heard everywhere, a day of flowers, gifts and surprises.

Do not miss the chance to spend this magical day in Armenia, organize an unforgettable trip-surprise for your mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and let this gift remain in their memory forever.

Spend your holidays in March 2024 in Armenia, enjoy its beautiful sights and become a part of the Armenian culture!

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Tourist Destinations, Tours and Excursions

March – a crazy month, which mainly pleases with the warm rays of the sun, and the perfect weather conditions make possible the tours and excursions to different regions of Armenia. In March one can enjoy the beauty of the amazing Dilijan National Park, the picturesque resort town Tsaghkadzor, the astonishing cultural capital of Armenia – Gyumri, the breathtaking Tatev Monastery. Here in Syunik Province, you can also ride the longest ropeway in the world – the Wings of Tatev, from where you can enjoy an unsurpassed view of the Vorotan Gorge.

On our website, you can find many interesting tours and excursions with different destinations that will help you discover the unique beauty of this ancient country.

Travel in Armenia in March 2024 and let the beauty of this historic country conquer your heart!