Holidays in Armenia in November

Holidays in Armenia in November is for active rest lovers, as in that period of the year it is already quite cold in Armenia, and, depending on the weather, winter sports can also be possible in some regions.

Besides, at the end of November, preparations for the most magical holiday of the year – New Year, begin and the shops' show-windows delight with their decorations, and cities with their bright and incredibly beautiful Christmas trees.

Organize your rest full of adventurous tours and excursions in Armenia in November of 2024 and enjoy the beauty of this amazing country before cold winter changes the mood!

Sights and Nature of Armenia in November

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Armenia is a country of amazingly beautiful cultural sights, not only in the capital of Armenia, but also in other regions of the country. November is the time when the bright orange and red coloured nature gradually changes into white.

In November, you can organize an interesting excursion to the cultural capital of Armenia – Gyumri and feel the warm in the cold weather of autumn in friendly Armenian atmosphere. In this beautiful town, you can visit the house-museum of Mher Mkrtchyan, walk along the small streets and revive the Soviet-Armenian films, as many Soviet-Armenian film masterpieces were filmed exactly in the cultural capital of Armenia.

Besides, the breathtaking sights of Yerevan and other regions of Armenia will fill your tour with bright moments and make your rest in November of 2024 unforgettable!

Weather in Armenia in November

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Armenia has great weather all year round, and November – the last month of golden autumn – is not an exception!

A holiday in Armenia in November can become a real adventure full of amazing tours and exciting excursions to the ski resorts of Armenia such as Tsaghkadzor and Dilijan where you can fully enjoy the winter sports.

Depending on the year, the weather in November in Armenia can be either warm enough, or the winter freshness can be felt in the air.

November in Armenia is a time when the rays of the sun are still seen, but they no longer warm. And when the first snow falls, the whole country is covered with a white blanket that shines from the rays of the sun, giving to this historical country even more special and magical beauty.

Organize your rest in Armenia in November of 2024, and let’s discover together the colour of the last month of this autumn.

Where to Go in Armenia in November?

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In November it is already quite cold in Armenia, but the natural beauty admirers can organize tours to the most picturesque regions of the country – Syunik and Lori Provinces, where the true natural pearls of Armenia are hidden, beauties that will conquer everyone’s heart with their breathtaking views all year round in any weather.

In November, you can also organize interesting excursions and tours to the ski resorts of Mountainous Armenia or enjoy the fresh air of the wellness resort town – Jermuk, where a rest with SPA procedures will wait for you. The most famous natural gift of Jermuk is the healing mineral springs. The mineral waters of Jermuk are high-temperature and contain almost all the elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table, and in its composition, it is close to the waters of the world-famous Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Holidays in Armenia in November of 2024 can help you discover the amazing natural beauty of this mountainous country.

What to Do in Yerevan in November?

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Armenia is an open-air museum!

Every corner of this ancient country has its own centuries-old history, and therefore, the capital, which is 29 years older than Rome, is not exception.

In November like in any other season you can spent a wonderful, bright, and interesting rest in Yerevan – have a walk along the most beautiful streets and parks, and, of course, visit the most interesting museums. After all, Yerevan is a city of museums!

Visit Yerevan in November of 2024 and discover the beauty of this ancient city!

Holidays and Events in November

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November – last month of the outgoing autumn!

Several events take place in Armenia in November, such as International Students’ Day, Social Workers’ Day in Armenia, Bank Workers’ Day in Armenia, etc.

You can also have interesting rest full of bright moments and events in November, as "Nature has no bad weather", and each month of the year has its own beauty!

Tourist Destinations, Prices of Tours and Excursions

Armenia is a mountainous country where you can spend your holidays organizing mountain tours and excursions to the ski resorts of Armenia with the most interesting prices, as November is the time when autumn begins to give way to snow-white winter.

We will be happy to help you choose and organize different tours and excursions, making your rest memorable.

You can find all the prices and detailed information on our website.

Travel, gain new and bright impressions, and start with the historical country – Armenia!