7 Reasons to Have Dilijan in the Tour Program in Armenia

We present to your attention 7 reasons why it is simply necessary to include Dilijan in the tour program in Armenia:

1. Dilijan National Park

Dilijan National Park – one more wealth of Armenia, which surrounds Dilijan from all sides, and gives the city amazing views to mountains from every single corner.

Dilijan National Park was created in 1958 to preserve the beech and oak forests, pines, yew groves and mountain lakes. On the territory of the park can be seen 102 species of trees, 35 species of mammals, reptiles, 120 species of birds.

This park is one of the best and most picturesque places in Armenia!

The nature of Armenia is just breathtaking!

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2. Picturesque town

Dilijan is one of the most picturesque towns in Armenia, where you can just walk along the charming streets, enjoy the beauty of the Dilijan National Park, and breathe in the fresh air, spending an unforgettable vacation. In a city like Dilijan, you can spend several days enjoying the beauty of the city and forests, a city that is able to give new emotions every single day, a colourful town that conquers the hearts of travelers and makes you return every time you visit Armenia.

Travel in Armenia and include the visit of this picturesque town in your tour program in Armenia!

3. Monument to “Mimino”

In Dilijan, in the very center of the city, you can see the monument “Mimino”, which is a kind of symbol of the city. The monument was erected in honour of the film with the same name “Mimino”, in which the beloved, talented son of the Armenians, Frunzik (Mher) Mkrtchyan, was filmed. One can see that monument exactly in this city, as in the movie Rubik Khachikyan says. “In Dilijan you just turn on the tap and the water flows out…it’s the second best in the world!”

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4. Dilijan amphitheater

In Dilijan, not far from the city center, the Dilijan amphitheater is hidden from human eyes - a little Greece in Dilijan!

Discover all the amazing corners of this picturesque town!

5. Haghartsin Monastery

Many monasteries and beautiful sights are considered an integral part of Dilijan, although they are not exactly in the city. It is just impossible to imagine a tour to Dilijan without the visit of Haghartsin – a monastery of the XI-XIII centuries. It was reconstructed in the XXI century, and as some changes were made in its architecture, the monastery was not included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Haghartsin monastery has a magical energy and amazing beauty – one more reason to include Dilijan in the tour program in Armenia.

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6. Goshavank and Lake Gosh

One more monastery, located not far from Dilijan, is considered an integral part of this picturesque city – it is the Armenian medieval monastery complex of the XII-XIII centuries – Goshavank. The monastery complex received this name in honour of the Armenian scholar, writer, public figure, thinker, and priest Mkhitar Gosh. Near the monastery one can visit the Lake Gosh, which is middle of the magical natural beauty of the Dilijan National Park.

The visit of Goshavank monastery will definitely bring new bright colours to your trip!

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7. Lake Parz

The nature of Armenia is beautiful at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions, as each season brings its colours, making the sights even more attractive and indescribably beautiful. Lake Parz is also endowed with that exact beauty, as the lake and the trees in its surroundings together create breathtaking natural beauty and an unsurpassed landscape opens up from above – a lake hidden in a forest!

It is just impossible to imagine a tour to Dilijan without the visit of Lake Parz!

Travel in Armenia, include the visit of Dilijan in your tour program in Armenia, and be sure that this city will fill your trip with exceptionally bright colours!