Travel to Armenia in April 2024

Every month of the year brings its colours to Armenia, and April is not an exception. In April, one can enjoy the green nature, the beauty of flowering trees and flowers in light pink tones, the birds’ wonderful singing, the rays of the sun shining in a clear blue sky – an ideal time for having an unforgettable trip in this historical country.

Armenia is a magical kingdom with amazing places that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime!

What to See in Armenia in April? 

April is the second month of spring, time when already warm weather pleases with the rays of the sun, bright and colourful days cheer up and motivate for adventures even to the most distant regions of Armenia. In April, warm weather allows you to start your journey from Yerevan and head to the picturesque Syunik Province, which is rich in beautiful places that are worth visiting – Tatev Monastery, Wings of Tatev, Khndzoresk, Vorotan Gorge, Devil's Bridge, Carahunge, Shaki waterfall. At this time of the year, you can organize interesting excursions and visit not only the beauties of the south of Armenia, but also the amazing sights of its northern part – the cultural capital Gyumri, Odzun, Sanahin, Akhtala monasteries, Stepanavan Dendropark, etc.

The beautiful weather of Armenia in April allows you to organize different tours and excursions and include different destinations and sights of this ancient country.

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Weather in Armenia in April 

April is a beautiful month that pleases with its amazing weather conditions. Already in the second half of April, the arrival of summer is felt – the brightly shining sun in the blue sky, the birdsongs, green nature – a real little paradise on earth.

The exceptionally positive feedbacks from the travelers let us assume that April is the perfect month to travel to Armenia.

Travel to Armenia in April 2024 and enjoy not only its beautiful sights, but also the amazing weather and nature of this ancient and historical country!

Holidays and Events in April 

Armenians celebrate not only International Women's Day on March 8, but also the day of motherhood and beauty on April 7, and the whole month is a holiday for women – a month of beauty, flowers and gifts!

Also on April 17, 2024 Easter is celebrated – a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion, so this holiday is one of the most important ones in each Armenian’s life. In Armenia, the symbol of this holiday is the egg dyed in red. Egg is the symbol of new life and red colour symbolizes the blood of the Christ, shed on the Cross.

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April 24 – Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. Every year on April 24, all Armenians of all ages go to Tsitsernakaberd to pay tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Travel to Armenia in April 2024, celebrate the day of motherhood and beauty, as well as Easter together with Armenians. If you wish, you can also visit the memorial complex of the victims of the Armenian Genocide in Yerevan.

Tours and Excursions in April 

In April, sunny days make people organize interesting tours and excursions to different destination. On our website you can find many interesting and informative tours and excursions that include amazing places that are worth visiting in Armenia, which will help you get acquainted not only with the main sights of Yerevan, but also to discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Armenia, even in its most remote corners.

Travel to Armenia in April 2024 and have a trip that will stay in your heart forever!