Travel to Armenia in September 2024

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Armenia is a beautiful mountainous country; it has a wonderful climate and perfect weather all year round, and September is not an exception. September is known as the velvet season in Armenia, it is a time when you can spend an unforgettable vacation, enjoying interesting tours and excursions throughout Armenia.

Places to Visit in Armenia in September

Thanks to the mild weather in September, it is possible to travel to every region in Armenia without any difficulty, enjoying not only its natural beauty, but also revealing all its amazing sights.

You can start your trip visiting the main tourist destinations and beautiful sights of the capital, and continue your tour visiting the cultural capital of Armenia – Gyumri – the city of cinema, humor and warm atmosphere.

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The next place to visit is the Lori Province, which is rich in beautiful sights, such as Lori Fortress, Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries, Stepanavan Dendropark and it is also famous for its amazing natural beauty that fills any kind of trip with bright colours.

Dilijan – your next destination, where you have a chance to stroll along the picturesque streets, breath the fresh air of Dilijan National Park and visit Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries – places that should be visited during the excursion in this area, places that will complement your tour and turn your vacation into an unforgettable journey.

Also, in September fruits and berries ripen in Armenia, and during your tours and excursions, you will have the chance to enjoy tasty, juicy and sweet berries.

Organize your vacation in September of 2024 in Armenia and have a rest full of bright and memorable moments.

Weather in Armenia in September

The weather in Armenia is especially beautiful during the velvet season – in September.

In September it is still warm in Armenia, the sun is still shining and one can enjoy its rays, but in September it is not as hot as in summer, and a pleasant breeze is blowing.

It is thanks to the pleasant weather conditions that September is known as the velvet season – an ideal time to organize a rest in Armenia.

Also, thanks to the mild weather of September, Armenia is considered to be one of the popular tourist destinations in the first half of autumn.

Travel to Armenia in September of 2024 and enjoy the wonderful weather and amazing nature of this historical country.

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Holidays and Events in September

Many holidays and events are celebrated in September in Armenia, starting from September 1 - the day of knowledge, the day that all pupils, students and teachers are eagerly waiting for.

Also, many interesting festivals such as the Arts and Crafts Festival, the Harees Festival, the Gata Festival, the Tea and Coffee Festival, the Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held in September of 2024 in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia – festivals that will fill your rest with bright colours and unforgettable moments.

Organize your vacation in September of 2024 in Armenia and become a part of Armenian culture.

Tours and Trips

Thanks to the mild weather of September, Armenia is considered one of the popular destinations during this period of time. It is time when you can have interesting tours and excursions throughout Armenia, enjoying not only the pleasant weather of velvet season, but also ripe, juicy and sweet fruits and berries that will compliment any kind of trip.

Travel to Armenia and enjoy the warm colors of September, feel the magic of velvet autumn.