Taraz Festival 2024

The Armenian national cloth is called Armenian Taraz, and in 2024 will be held the Taraz Festival in Armenia.

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Festival of Armenian National Cloth Taraz

The Armenian Taraz mirrors the mentality and cultural idiosyncrasies of our nation. Having a centuries-old history Armenian Taraz used to be one of the most prominent measures of expressing and maintaining Armenian cultural identity.

Armenian customs and traditions are reflected in Armenian national cloth – Taraz. Many festivals and national holidays are held in spring and summer in Armenia, and one of the brightest events is the Armenian Taraz Festival.

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The festival is a celebration of one of the richest of Armenian traditions – “Taraz”. Traditional “Taraz” reflects the cultural identity of the nation and the peculiarities of the national character. In the course of history, the clothing of every region received its unique style and features, so the traditional Armenian “Taraz” was divided into two large groups – Western and Eastern Armenian.

Each year starting from 2015 the most stylish holiday-festival ‘Yerevan Taraz Fest’ is held in August in the capital of Armenia – Yerevan. Within the framework of the event the best Armenian designers present their works using the elements of the national clothes. The geography of participants of this national event expands every year.

In 2016 the festival was held in Stepanakert, and in 2018, a special guest – the head of tourism of the Spanish city – Villena arrived in Yerevan to participate in the Armenian Taraz festival.

The festival is accompanied by the Armenian national music and dances which convert the day into a holiday making it memorable for the rest of the life.

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Where the Festival will be Held?

Festival ‘Yerevan Taraz Fest’ is divided into two parts. The trade fair takes place in the first part of the event, and in the second part – show of the designer’s collections of the Armenian national clothes.

‘Yerevan Taraz Fest 2024 will pass in 11th July, 2024 in Shirak province.

Don’t miss the chance to pass an unforgettable holiday and take part in the brightest festival of 2020 in Armenia!