Christmas and New Year in Armenia in 2023-2024

The adventurous tours in Armenia on the most fabulous holidays – Christmas and New Year 2023-2024 are waiting for you.

New Year – a holiday full of magic, which makes people believe that on the most amazing night of the year the most cherished dreams will come true, that all the unpleasant events and memories will stay in the outgoing year, and the new coming year will be full of new, bright and unforgettable moments and memories, it is a holiday that brings happiness not only to children, but also to adults, it is a holiday that decorates all the cities with bright Christmas trees and New Year's decorations, it is a holiday of gifts, kindness and joy!

In Armenia, preparations for the New Year begin with the onset of winter, a Christmas tree is shining with beautiful decorations in every city, and the most adorable one amazes with its beauty on the Republic Square in Yerevan.

Choose the most fabulous tour and spend your 2023-2024 winter rest in Armenia, become a part of the magical holidays that will remain in your memory for years.

New Year Traditions

New Year – the most fabulous holiday of the year, which is celebrated for 13 days in Armenia. Christmas and New Year are the holidays that are celebrated in Armenia among the family members – it is a family holiday that gathers all the members of large families around the table. Until January 13 (Old New Year according to the old calendar), Armenians meet and greet guests, congratulate each other, leave all the sorrows and resentments in the outgoing year, and move on stepping into another – new and bright life.

In Armenia, it is a tradition to prepare beautifully decorated Christmas and New Year table with many Armenian dishes and desserts, and the secrets in recipes in each family, turns Christmas and New Year into a real degustation tour of Armenian cuisine.

Armenians celebrate New Year cheerfully and joyfully with their families, because Armenians believe in “How you celebrate New Year's Eve, so you will spend it”.

Organize your winter rest in Armenia, spend the outgoing 2023 and meet the new 2024 in Yerevan, and may your 2024 be full of bright memories and unforgettable moments.

Rest in Armenia for New Year and Christmas Holidays

Armenia is a mountainous country, where winter, despite the cold weather, gives the breathtaking beauty to this ancient country. What, if not winter outdoor activities can help discover all this snowwhite beauty that can take your breath away?! You will face to completely different sensations when the winter fairy tale in all its splendor is seen from the top of the mountain, and skiing or snowboarding in a high speed will provide you with the adrenaline rush.

The extreme rest lovers will fall in love with this small mountainous country, which has everything you need to turn an active rest into an extreme one – high mountains, rocks, forests, rivers, and gorges.

And the New Year's Eve – a magical holiday among the hospitable friends, will complement your winter fairy tale and make your rest in Armenia unforgettable, and it will make you return to this amazing country more than once.

Organizing a tour for your winter holidays 2023-2024 in Armenia, do not forget to include in your tour a visit of the most fabulous Christmas tree in Yerevan, as the New Year's fairy tale and Christmas mood begins from there.

Weather in Armenia for New Year

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New Year – a winter holiday that warms the souls of people, filling the air with magic and warmth during this quite cold period of time. It is cold in Armenia in winter, but the sparkling white snow makes you forget all the negative sides of winter and enjoy its beauty. In winter in Armenia different tours are organized to the ski resorts of Armenia, where the real winter rest waits for the active tourism lovers.

In the capital, in Yerevan, the weather is warmer than in other regions of Armenia, and here you can stroll along the streets and enjoy the New Year decorations of shop windows, warm atmosphere and Christmas mood.

Your New Year tour 2023-2024 in Armenia will help you discover the Christmas and New Year holidays from another – Armenian side.

Travel to Armenia in winter 2023-2024 and become a part of the Armenian winter fairy tale.

Tours to Armenia for New Year

Armenia – a country of snow-white beautiful winters and wonderful ski resorts, where various winter tours are organized directly from Yerevan.

You can find the most magical winter tours on our website and become a part of an unforgettable winter adventure.

Travel to Armenia in winter 2023-2024, and we will make your winter holidays full of bright and magical moment, as New Year is a holiday of gifts, kindness, and joy!