National Parks and State Reserves of Armenia

National parks and state reserves of Armenia complement the amazing beauty of the nature of this ancient and beautiful country. Each park and state reserve is beautiful, especially when nature wakes up from the long sleep and covers all the surroundings in green-pink colors, when trees and flowers begin to bloom giving a magical charm to the nature and conquering the hearts of every human being, even the one who is totally indifferent to such phenomena. Walking in the parks you find yourself under the shade of years-old, and even centuries-old trees, thanks to which you can enjoy the clean and fresh air. Only in green parks you can notice how the bright leaves of the trees complements the magical landscape of a clear blue sky.

Armenia is an amazingly beautiful country with many stunning national parks and state reserves that amaze and delight with their beauty!

Khosrov Forest State Reserve

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Travel to Armenia at least once and the beauty of this magical country will forever remain in your memory.

A wonderful part of this amazing beauty forms the Khosrov Forest State Reserve, which is one of the oldest protected areas in the world, with a history of about 1700 years. It was created in the 4th century (334–338) by Khosrov III Kotak in honour of whom was named the reserve. It was created to improve the natural and climatic conditions of the adjacent territories of Artashat – the capital of Armenia of that period and the newly created city of Dvin, in order to ensure the conservation and enrichment of species of flora and fauna; serve as the basis for royal hunting, military exercises and entertainment.

Today, the Khosrov Forest State Reserve is a protected nature area in Armenia in the Ararat region.

Armenians do their best to preserve each part of historical monuments and thanks to that Khosrov Forest State Reserve has remained almost untouched for 17 centuries.

Shikahogh State Reserve

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Shikahogh State Reserve – an amazing reserve, which is located in the most picturesque part of Armenia – in Syunik Province, in the basins of the Tsav and Shikahogh rivers on the northern slopes of the Meghri Range.

The fauna of Shikahogh State Reserve has not been fully explored, but studies have already revealed rare species of animals such as leopard, bezoar, bear, snowcock, viper, and hedgehog.

The Shikahogh State Reserve is home to about 1100 species of plants, 80 of which have been registered in the Red Book of Armenia and 18 in the Red Book of the Soviet Union.

Erebuni State Reserve

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Erebuni State Reserve is the smallest reserve in Armenia and it is located in Ararat Province.

Erebuni State Reserve was formed in 1981 and it occupies an area of 120 hectares, mainly consisted of semi-deserted mountains-steppe.

In spite of its small size, the reserve has a rich and diverse flora. It is home for about 293 species of vascular plants belonging to 197 genera and 46 families.

Each park and state reserve in Armenia has a magical beauty!

Dilijan National Park

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Dilijan National Park – one more wealth of Armenia!

Dilijan National Park was created in 1958 to preserve the beech and oak forests, pines, yew groves and mountain lakes. In the territory of the park can be seen 102 species of trees, 35 species of mammals, reptiles, 120 species of birds.

This park is one of the best and most picturesque places in Armenia!

The nature of Armenia is just breathtaking!

Sevan National Park

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Sevan National Park is one of the 4 protected national parks of Armenia, founded in 1978 to protect Lake Sevan and the surrounding areas.

Sevan National Park occupies an area of 150100 hectares, of which only 24800 hectares are occupied by the earth's surface. The main aim of the park is to protect and reproduce natural resources, rare and endangered species of plants, animals, to protect the cultural landscapes and historical and cultural monuments.

Each park in Armenia is beautiful and charming in its own way!

Lake Arpi National Park

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Lake Arpi National Park was founded in 2009 and is located in the northwest of Armenia around the Lake Arpi. In this national park, 670 species of vascular plants can be found, including a huge number of endemic species of the Caucasus and Armenia, as well as 255 species of vertebrate animals, including more than 10 types listed in the IUCN Red Book. All over the world, only in the Lake Arpi National Park of Armenia can be seen the Darevsky's viper.

The goal of the park is to preserve the biological diversity, the natural monuments, the diversity of the landscape and the biological environment of the river Akhuryan, lakes Arpi and Ardenis.

One more incomparable wealth of Armenia!

Arevik National Park

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Arevik National Park, founded in 2009, is located in one of the most picturesque places of Armenia – in Syunik Province in the territory of the southern spur of the Meghri Range, in the basins of the Meghri, Shvanidzor and Nyuvadi rivers. Arpi National Park occupies an area of more than 34400 hectares.

The aim of this park is to preserve the region’s ecosystem and rare and endangered species of animals. More than 1,500 species of plants are found in the territory of the national park, about 245 species of vertebrate animals, 12 of which are listed in the Red Book of Armenia.

The natural beauty of Armenia has no equals and is waiting for its true admirers!