How Can You Get to Armenia Now?

How can you get to Armenia now? – it is the most asked question among the travelers.

After all, 2020 did not pass without consequences which still have an impact on our lives in 2022 – restrictions, caution, fear for health – in short coronavirus ...

We are immensely happy to announce that Armenia has opened its borders and is waiting for its guests-travelers who are eager to enter the normal course of life, enjoying the beauty of our amazing planet.

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Is it Possible to Travel to Armenia by Car Through Georgia?

In Armenia, like in the rest of the world, for a long time the entry to the territory of Armenia was allowed only to its citizens due to the coronavirus.

But now Armenia has already opened its borders and, starting from January 2021, restrictions on the entry to the territory of the Republic of Armenia have been canceled, and now all arriving people – RA citizens and citizens of foreign countries are permitted to enter the territory of Armenia both via air and land borders, but it is a law adopted in Armenia, as for Georgia, unfortunately, its land borders are still closed, and now the only way to get to Armenia from Georgia is by plane – one more unfortunate consequence of coronavirus!

Despite some restrictions, thanks to plane flights, a trip from Georgia to Armenia is possible, and now in 2022 there is a chance to visit Armenia and discover its amazing beauty.

So, now it is time to plan a trip to Armenia, book a ticket, organize a flight and start an exciting journey, because 2020 and the beginning of 2021 showed us that, unfortunately, life is too short and nothing depends on us, and we need to live our lives here and now, enjoying the magnificent landscapes and natural beauty from a bird's eye view, reaching the tops of high mountains, doing everything to turn our short life into a real fairy tale, cause we do not know what awaits us tomorrow.

Live life now without waiting for tomorrow and start it with a trip to Armenia!

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Is it Possible to Fly to Armenia by Plane Now?

The coronavirus has made our lives difficult by making its own adjustments. For a long time, countries closed their borders, fighting the disease. Now many countries have opened their borders, and the true travelers can't wait to start a trip to the most fabulous corners of our world.

As the borders are open, it is already possible to fly to Armenia by plane from different countries of the world – Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France ...

It seems impossible, but the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, receives 25-30 flights from Moscow per week, 3 to 5 flights daily, and also, many flights from other cities of Russia - Rostov-on-Don, Mineralnye Vody, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Novosibirsk, and not only from different cities of Russia, but also from the CIS countries.

And now in 2022, just like in the good old days, you can buy a ticket to Armenia and start your long-awaited trip.

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How Much is Flight Ticket to Armenia?

Planes from different cities of Russia, CIS countries, and not only, land in Armenia every day. For an unforgettable trip, you just need to buy a ticket, organize your flight and start an unforgettable journey. Ticket prices depend on the city of departure, but whatever city you live in, we will always be happy to help you purchase tickets at the most interesting prices and organize your safe flight.

Rules of Entry to Armenia in 2022

The rules for entry to Armenia in 2022 are as follows.

Upon entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia via air and land borders travelers will be asked to provide coronavirus PCR test certificate with negative results taken within the previous 72 hours before the entry to the country. The certificate should be in Armenian, Russian or English, include the name, surname, date of birth, and passport number of the examined person, printed on the official letterhead of the medical institution conducting the test, identifying all contacts of the organization, test result, signed and sealed by the head of the medical institution.

Despite the fact that we are returning to the usual course of life, we must always be careful and follow all sanitary standards, because there is only one life, and it must be protected