Armenian culture

Armenia has a unique culture! It is reflected in every spectrum of life: architecture, theater, music, painting, literature. For centuries Armenians are trying to create and preserve every part of their culture and traditions. Armenians appreciate, love and pass on from generation to generation every poem, work of art, film masterpieces, every element of folk dances, and every Armenian is proud to contribute to the prosperity of Armenian culture.


Armenia is an ancient country with a rich culture and architectural masterpieces. Armenian architecture differs from the architecture of all other countries with its own style. In different stages of Armenian history, Armenian architecture has changed, improved and today in the 21st century the masterpieces of Armenian architecture of all times can be seen in Armenia.

Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion, and accordingly, it is the homeland of centuries-old monasteries, temples and churches, and each of them is an architectural masterpiece of Armenia of different ages.

Today, the capital of Armenia – Yerevan, which first general plan was designed by Tamanian and approved in 1924, has interesting architectural solutions and amazing beauty.

Architecture is just a small part of Armenian culture, the process of creation and development of which began from ancient times BC.

Travel to Armenia and feel the pulse of this ancient country learning its unique culture and traditions.


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Painting is one of the most significant parts of Armenian culture. Armenian talented artists such as Martiros Saryan, Hakob Kojoyan, Gevorg Bashinjaghyan and many others conquered the hearts of millions of people all over the world with their amazing works.

The real pearls of Armenian painting are the works of Hovhannes Aivazovsky, who is best known for his seascapes, which make up more than half of his works.

Hovhannes Aivazovsky is one of the greatest marine painters of all time.

Painting shows all the beauty of this world and passes on for generations during the centuries.


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Armenia – one of the ancient countries in the world which has an amazing history, culture, traditions, and literature thank to its sons of all times.

Armenian literature is one of the most wonderful creations in the whole world!

Each Armenian writer leaves a part of his/ her soul in his/her works, and that is the key of the magic which has Armenian literature, thanks to great Armenian poets whose works are able to touch the most hidden corners of the human souls.

Armenian literature reflects the Armenian culture!

Armenians are intensely grateful to the genial writers such as Grigor Narekatsi, Hovhannes Tumanyan, Hamo Sahyan, Alexander Shirvanzade, Nar-Dos, Raffi, Khachatur Abovyan and many others for the great literature that Armenia has today.

Armenia is a country which has a unique cultural heritage!


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The theater of Armenia, along with the Greek and Roman theaters, is one of the oldest theaters in the world. Theatrical life in Armenia began in ancient times, and according to the testimony of the Greek historian Plutarch, in 69 BC. King Tigran II the Great built a building similar to the Hellenistic amphitheaters in Syria, in the southern capital of Great Armenia, Tigranakert, where performances were held and since then the theater has played an important role in the culture of Armenia.

Today, performances based not only on the works of Armenian authors, but also world-famous authors, are also held on the stages of theaters in Armenia.


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Armenia is an ancient country with a unique culture, the birthplace of world masterpieces!

A wonderful part of this culture is Armenian folk music, which comes from ancient times, and its origins date back to the 3rd millennium BCE.

Komitas, Aram Khachaturian and other talented sons of Armenians make the Armenian musical culture known throughout the world.

Today, Armenian music also conquers hearts thanks to the sound of the Armenian musical instrument duduk. There is nothing like the music of this little apricot twig! Its music touches the hearts even of the most serious people!

Armenian folk music has also had a significant impact on the development of the entire world musical culture.


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Armenia is a country with centuries-old history, which is reflected in every element of Armenian culture.

Armenian folk dances such as kochari, trakhag, berd, yarkhushta, etc. form the integral part of this beautiful and amazing culture.

For example, the name of the dance “yarhushta” in translation means “comrade-in-arms”. From ancient times yarkhushta has traditionally been danced by Armenian soldiers before combat engagements, partly for ritualistic purposes, and partly to cast off fear and boost battle spirit for more effective hand-to-hand combat.

The strength of a nation is in unity, and exactly that can be seen during Armenian folk dance Kochari, when the dancers stand abreast, holding each other's hands or putting each other's hands on their shoulders!

Armenia is known for its amazing and unique culture.

Applied Arts

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A variety of folk crafts which development started from ancient times and achieved high artistic performance, put the beginning of decorative and applied arts in Armenia, as well as in any other country. Pottery, jewelry making, carpet weaving, lacemaking and many others are the first types of applied arts.

And so the Armenians began to develop applied arts in Armenia and were able to create their own – Armenian applied arts according to their traditions, and make it a part of the Armenian culture, which passes on from generation to generation for centuries.


Armenian folklore was formed simultaneously with the Armenian tribes and the Armenian language. For centuries it was the spiritual art of the nation, the main way to satisfy the spiritual needs.

Ancient epic monuments such as legends and epics were preserved in the writings of Movses Khorenatsi, Pavstos Buzand, Agathangelos, Sebeos, Hovhan Mamikonyan.

Armenian culture is diverse, and each element is unique and valuable for Armenians in its own way.

Carpet Weaving

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Armenian carpets have an amazing beauty! Armenians started to create that beauty from the ancient times, and the whole history is described in the ornaments of the carpets!

Carpet weaving is one of the types of Armenian applied arts and crafts, and it is inextricably linked with other types of Armenian decorative and applied arts, which continue the traditions of other types of national fine arts.

Armenian carpet weaving, which at the initial stages in its execution technique to a certain extent coincided with weaving, passed a long way of development, starting from simple products woven on weaving frames of various shapes to pile knotted carpets that became exquisite works of art.

Carpet weaving is an integral part of Armenian culture.

Armenian culture and traditions distinguish Armenians from other nations, so Armenians are doing their best to preserve and pass on to their children the Armenian culture, which has the spirit and strength of our ancestors.

Armenian culture is our greatest wealth!