Armenian National Cuisine

Armenian national cuisine has uniquely delicious dishes and desserts! Each Armenian national dish contains some part of Armenian culture and soul, and you can try the same dish in other corners of the world, but nowhere else they will be as delicious as in their homeland and will not have the same aroma as in Armenia, as they will not contain that same Armenian soul which produces magic.

National cuisine is an integral part of each trip, and the delicious national dishes form the first impression of the country, so the extraordinary taste of Armenian dishes will remain in the memory of gourmets for a long time!


Armenia is one of the most ancient countries, which has its own history, and which has always occupied an honorable place on the world map. Perhaps, during the history Armenians lost territories, but never the Armenian spirit, which flies extremely high and every time finds its place under the blue sky. Armenians have remained on their land since ancient times, and thanks to that fact we are not a nomadic tribe, but an ancient nation with our own culture, literature and also Armenian cuisine, which dishes need a long time for preparation.

The formation of the Armenian cuisine began about 2000 years ago, and the incredibly delicious Armenian national dishes were preserved only thanks to the unique and secret recipes that pass from generation to generation.


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Dolma is the queen of Armenian national cuisine!

The word dolma comes from the word "toli", which means a grape leaf in which minced meat is wrapped with other ingredients and spices, then boiled on fire. It has an amazing delicious aroma.

There are several types of dolma, and each has its own delicious flavor.

Dolma Festival is held annually in Armenia, which is the main gastronomic event and one of the brightest holidays in Armenia.

Discover the national cuisine of Armenia, where each dish has its own unique taste!


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Harees – a delicious Armenian national dish of coarsely-ground wheat and chicken. Armenians leave it on the low fire during all night. In the morning, the dish is stirred until a homogeneous mass and served during breakfast.

After that, everyone adds butter and pepper to their own portion according to their taste.

A delicious dish which will not leave indifferent even the most pampered gourmet.

Travel to Armenia and discover the unique taste of Armenian cuisine!


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Khashlama – one more delicious Armenian national dish, the secret of which is the perfect combination of meat with vegetables and herbs.There are many types of preparation of khashlama, and even different Armenians have different recipe.

The most important in the preparation of Khashlama is the meat that “melts” in the mouth, and the broth with magical aroma!

Armenia is a country of unique cuisine with amazing dishes!


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Khorovats – barbecue – the most traditional Armenian dish, without which it is impossible to imagine even one celebration!

Even at Armenian weddings, they sing a special song about the khorovats, dance with the dish in their hands and only then put it on the table – it is an Armenian tradition since ancient times.

Also, an annual barbecue festival is held in Armenia! Participating in the festival, you can enjoy the taste of many varieties of barbecue prepared by both professional chefs and amateur cooks from different regions of Armenia.

Armenian cuisine is the part of culture which discovers the secrets of this ancient nation!


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Khash – the most popular Armenian soup, which is loved mainly by men!

Khash is prepared from cow’s legs for almost a day. Armenians eat it early in the morning in cold weather with garlic, fresh herbs and dry lavash, and with your hands for feel the real taste!

Discover all the culinary traditions of Armenian cuisine!


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Kofta – one more Armenian national dish, which has an extraordinary taste!

Meatball dish with spices, onions, eggs boiled in the water

Kofta can also be served fried.


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Armenia is famous not only for its delicious national dishes, but also for dairy products with what Armenians prepare spas – an Armenian soup of matsun with water and wheat groats.

Even the person who is not hungry will eat it with great pleasure – try it once and make sure of everything said above!


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Armenian culinary traditions come from ancient times.

One of the masterpieces of Armenian cuisine is ghapama – an Armenian stuffed pumpkin dish – boiled rice and dried fruits prepared in pumpkin.

Ghapama in national traditions was served in the tables of weddings, as a symbol of abundance.

Armenian dishes are worth trying!

Believe us, this is a good reason to visit Armenia!


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Lavash – well-known Armenian national thin bread which was included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity!

The uniqueness of this bread is that it can be kept in the refrigerator for a long time, and it will remain as soft, fresh, and tasty as on the first day.

Organize an unforgettable trip to Armenia and discover all the secrets of Armenia, as it is a country, where even the bread has its legend!


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Gata – Armenian sweet bread that has several types. Each region of Armenia has its own way recipe of the sweet bread, and the main ingredients are puff, yeast or even unleavened dough, butter, flour, and powdered sugar.

In several regions of Armenia, salty gata is also prepared, which also has an amazing taste, and some people prefer it more than sweet one.

Travel to Armenia, taste sweet and salty gata, and decide – which one is more delicious?!

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Travel to Armenia, to a country where incredibly delicious national cuisine, hospitable Armenians and a warm atmosphere are waiting for you!