7 Reasons to Have Etchmiadzin in the Tour Program in Armenia

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Armenia is one of the most ancient countries in the world, which is incredibly rich in centuries-old churches and monasteries; the history of Armenia is distinctive, remarkable and closely connected with Christianity, as it is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion.

There are many ancient temples and monasteries in Armenia in various regions of the country, as well as many churches in the capital of Armenia – in Yerevan. Also, not far from the capital – just in 20 km from it, the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, which is in a must-see list during a visit to this historical country, is located here.

Visit Armenia; discover all its beautiful churches and monasteries, and their amazing ability to make a miracle.

We present to your attention 7 reasons why it is necessary to have Etchmiadzin in the tour program in Armenia:

Etchmiadzin is One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Armenia!

Etchmiadzin is one of the most beautiful cities in Armenia, which is the spiritual center of this historical country. Etchmiadzin is the fourth largest city in Armenia, which attracts not only with its amazing beauty, but also with churches and monasteries that are located in this ancient city.

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Etchmiadzin Cathedral – the Mother Church of the Armenian Apostolic Church

The Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin is the spiritual and administrative headquarters of the worldwide Armenian Church. This is the mother church of Armenia, where many different ceremonies take place every day – weddings, baptisms, etc.

Visit Armenia, start your tour with the visit of Etchmiadzin Cathedral and discover the power of Armenians’ faith!

Etchmiadzin - Visit of Five Churches at Once!

Visiting Etchmiadzin, you will visit not only the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, but also the churches of the Holy Mother of God, St. Gayane, St. Hripsime and St. Shoghakat. A long time ago, even before the adoption of Christianity in Armenia, 37 virgins preached Christianity in Armenia, and when the king of Armenia learned about it, ordered to execute
them all. According to the legend, the bodies of the murdered virgins lay unburied for nine days, but during this time, not even a single animal came close to their lifeless bodies. Soon Gregory the Illuminator came out of captivity and the first thing that he did was to bury the virgins. Later, in the places where the virgins were killed, small chapels were built, which later were converted into churches that were named in honour of the martyrs.

All these churches are the masterpieces of Armenian architecture!
Travel to Armenia and discover the pearls of the homeland of Christianity!

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Etchmiadzin Cathedral – Place Where the Chrism of All the Churches of Armenia is Prepared

The main attribute and the integral part of all the religious ceremonies in the churches of Armenia – chrism (myrrh) – holy anointing oil is prepared in the mother church of Armenia – in the Etchmiadzin Cathedral. The myrrh is prepared with a special ritual every 7 years, after which it is transferred to all the churches of Armenia.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral is a monastery where the soul gains wings and the faith doubles.

Etchmiadzin Museum

It is just impossible to visit Etchmiadzin, pass by the Etchmiadzin Museum and not visit it. Many valuable items, like the spear by which the body of Christ was pierced, the fragment of Noah's Ark, etc. are kept in this museum.

The Treasury Museum of Etchmiadzin is in a must-see list during the visit of Etchmiadzin.

Organize a pilgrimage tour in Armenia in 2022 and start it with the visit of the most important and amazing monastery in Armenia!

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Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Along with the Rest of the Churches on the Territory of the Cathedral, are Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Etchmiadzin Cathedral, together with the churches Holy Mother of God, Gayane, Hripsime and Shoghakat, have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000. Churches that are not only able to conquer the hearts with their beauty, but also with the power to make prayers, coming from the pure hearts of believers, a reality.

Visit Etchmiadzin and may all your prayers be answered!

Etchmiadzin – One of the Cultural and Spiritual Centers of Armenia!

Etchmiadzin is a city that is one of the cultural and spiritual centers of Armenia. It is simply impossible to imagine a visit to Armenia without visiting this city, where beautiful sights, centuries-old churches and interesting entertainment await you. Here you can participate in a master class of making Armenian bread lavash, enjoy delicious dishes of the Armenian national cuisine and become a part of the unique Armenian culture.

Travel in Armenia, start it with a visit of Etchmiadzin, and discover the power of Armenian’s faith – the first nation to adopt Christianity as a state religion!