Ten Most Extraordinary Restaurants in Armenia

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Armenia is on list of those countries of the world, which have unique and at the same time ancient culture, and an integral part of Armenian culture forms part its national cuisine with delicious dishes and exquisite desserts.

Where, if not in Armenia, you can enjoy the unique taste of Armenian dolma, ghapama, harees and other Armenian national dishes?! Where, if not in Armenian restaurants, you will taste the Armenian dishes with that very “Armenian flavor inside”?! Undoubtedly, Armenian national dishes are also served in the restaurants of other countries, but, definitely, they do not have the same aroma as in Armenia, because the homeland gives them a unique taste.

We present to your attention 10 most extraordinary restaurants in Armenia, where you can enjoy dishes and desserts of Armenian cuisine and original recipes of cuisines of different countries. There is no doubt that the taste will remain in your memory for a long time and will make you organize a real gastronomic tour throughout Armenia, during which not only delicious dishes will be waiting for you, but also wine and brandy tastings, master classes on cooking dolma, fish, cheeses, sweet sujukh, etc.

Below you will find a list of TOP-10 restaurants in Armenia:

Restaurant Lavash

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“Lavash” Restaurant is one of the colourful restaurants in Yerevan, where are served not only tasty, but also healthy dishes. In this restaurant, you can enjoy Armenian national delicious dishes and dairy products, as this restaurant is established within the framework of the “Farm to table” concept.

Also, in “Lavash” restaurant you can see how Armenians bake Armenian bread – lavash – there is nothing more tasty than the new baked lavash taken off from a tandoor some seconds ago.

Travel to Armenia and discover all its extraordinary and original restaurants!

Restaurant Sherep

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"Sherep" is a restaurant in the very center of Yerevan! The restaurant offers its visitors dishes from different cuisines, as often chefs from different countries who have Michelin stars are the guests of this restaurant – special guests that share with the secrets of their receipts that find their place in the menu of “Sherep”.

"Sherep" is one of the best restaurants in Yerevan not only because of the original menu, but also thank to its large open kitchen, which let its guests follow the process of preparing their dishes and get acquainted with the skills and talent of the chefs.

Restaurant Tavern

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Yerevan Riverside “Tavern Yerevan Riverside” is one of the original restaurants in Yerevan, where you can enjoy the natural beauty while staying in the city.

This restaurant is located in the city center on the banks of the Hrazdan River. In summer, this restaurant, besides offering Armenian national and regional dishes, makes the evenings interesting and full of positive energy with the help of the famous and popular Armenian singers, and also surprises its guests with musical performances: "Hayk and Bel", "Medallion", "Illusion".

An ideal place where delicious food and warm atmosphere are waiting for you!

Restaurant Vostan

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“Vostan” is one of the best restaurants in Yerevan, which stands out for its unique style. The restaurant is located in the very heart of Yerevan on Abovyan street. The most original part of the building is its door, which will not leave indifferent any visitor, be it a local or a tourist, and the building itself is an architectural creation of 1884.

The “Vostan” restaurant attracts not only with its cozy atmosphere, but also with delicious food. After feeling the warm atmosphere of this restaurant once, you will be back again and again!

Restaurant Tsirani

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Each restaurant has its own original story, and Tsirani is not an exception. It is all started when a man, living in Arinj village, opened a small canteen in the courtyard of his house.

The unsurpassed taste of dishes attracted more and more people to this small, but wonderful place, and eventually, the small canteen turned into one of the best restaurants in Armenia. Fresh air, delicious food, natural beauty around – what else is needed for a good restaurant?!

Restaurant Gata

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A visit to this exceptional restaurant is an absolute must in Armenia. Gata tavern - located in the heart of Yerevan, introduces a warm family atmosphere where guests can truly enjoy delicious Armenian food and flavor. 

With traditional cuisine the restaurant quickly became a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Not only does this restaurant provide an exceptional dining experience, but it also offers a glimpse into the soul of Armenia. The atmosphere transports you to the heart of Armenian culture.

Here, you can enjoy traditional dishes and a wide range of authentic barbecues. But there’s one delicacy that truly steals the show at Gata Tavern - the authentic, freshly baked gata. This delectable pastry, with its buttery crust and delightful filling, has become famous among visitors of Armenia. 

Restaurant Ktoor

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Restaurant "Ktoor" is one of the best restaurants in Yerevan, which has conquered the hearts not only Armenians, but also the tourists.

The extraordinary design of the restaurant differs
it from the rest, and the rich menu and high quality service only compliment the ideal atmosphere of the restaurant.

Do you want to find yourself in old Yerevan?! – Then the restaurant "Ktoor" is the best choice!

Restaurant Cascade Royal

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A wonderful, cozy place with a stunning view that makes you have the feeling to have the whole city in the palm of your hand.
A view of the biblical Mount Ararat just complements the breathtaking view that opens from the restaurant, adding new and bright colours to the unsurpassed landscape.

What, if not such atmosphere, makes the delicious dishes from Armenian and European cuisine even more tasty?! This restaurant combines European trends and Armenian hospitality.

The “Cascade Royal” restaurant has been on the list of TOP-restaurants in Armenia for several years!

Restaurant Montmartre

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Restaurant “Montmartre” is one of the best restaurants in the country in the very center of Yerevan on Amiryan street.

The restaurant is located on the 12th floor of the "Paris" hotel, and the terrace connected to the restaurant offers its guests a stunning view of Yerevan, which is just breathtaking.

An interior with interesting design, a warm atmosphere and exquisite dishes – that’s exactly what awaits you in “Montmartre” restaurant!

Restaurant El Garden

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One of the most extraordinary restaurants in Yerevan is “El Garden” – a fabulous place in the fresh air, secluded from the city center, a green paradise where ducks and rabbits freely stroll through the whole area, and transparent tents only emphasize the extraordinary and original style of the restaurant.

In addition, friendly service and a rich menu complement the splendor of the restaurant.

A real small paradise surrounded by natural beauty right in the city.

Restaurant Chaihona

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You can try the dishes from the Armenian national cuisine in many restaurants of the country, but in Yerevan in “Chaihona” restaurant, you can also taste and enjoy oriental cuisine and find yourself in an oriental fairy tale – an extraordinary restaurant on the most important, beautiful and modern street of Yerevan, in the very heart of the city.

The unique style and beautiful atmosphere will enhance the taste of each dish.

Armenia is a country that not only has a rich culture, centuries-old churches and monasteries, unsurpassed natural beauty, but also has many extraordinary and original restaurants that offer exquisite dishes from Armenian, European, Eastern cuisines and not only. Travel throughout Armenia and discover its extraordinary and at the same time unique beauty!