Horse Riding Tours in Armenia

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Horse riding tour – one more interesting type of active rest in Armenia.

Horse is one of the smartest, friendly, and most beautiful animals in the world. Horse riding, which was innovated for getting from one place to another faster, has gradually turned into a type of sport and active tourism. This type of active rest can also be considered as a type of extreme tourism, as any contact with a horse without precautions can lead to injury, and that is why it is always necessary to follow all the safety measures in any tour of an active rest. Not everyone is aware that equestrian tours can also have a healing form and help recover the mobility of the lower extremities. People, since ancient times, believe that hiking with the horse strengthens the entire body, and nowadays, doctors also believe that these walks provide with a great emotional shake-up and release from stress.

Organize your vacations in Armenia and enjoy wonderful equestrian tours, which will fill your excursion with bright moments and discover for you a completely different – new and wonderful world, where you will try to return more than once – cause faithful and friendly friends will be waiting for you.

Horse Riding Tours in Garni

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Is the horse riding your favorite type of active rest, but do not want to go far away from the city?

Organize your equestrian tours to the Garni Gorge, which is a short drive from the capital of Armenia, and have a memorable excursion, spend an unforgettable time enjoying the beautiful landscapes and magical beauty of nature in this ancient and incredibly beautiful country – Armenia.

Hiking with horse creates an opportunity to merge with nature and discover all its beauty, and Armenia – a country with picturesque nature, is an ideal place for this kind of walks during your active rest!

Horse Riding Tours in Yenokavan

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Yenokavan is a magically beautiful village in Tavush Province of Armenia, where nature shows all its splendor!

Equestrian tours in Yenokavan, depending on your level of riding, can be organized in the fields, mountains, and canyons – places where the horse riding from a simple equestrian walk will turn into an exciting hiking with a horse.

Discover the mountainous nature of Armenia and complement your trip with bright colours and unforgettable moments!

An excursion that will remain in your memory for a long time!

Horse Riding Tours in Dilijan

Dilijan is the most beautiful city in the north of Armenia, which is surrounded by the forests of the national park – beautiful nature, where any equestrian walk, hiking and excursion will turn into an unforgettable adventure.

Dilijan is one of the most beautiful cities in Armenia, which is famous for its amazing nature, a town where not only hiking with the horse, but also walking tours around the city will fill you with positive emotions.

Each tour in this city will become memorable and will make you fall in love with the ancient country – Armenia!

Horse Riding Tours in Sisian

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Sisian – one more magically beautiful town in Armenia, which is located in Syunik Province and has a unique natural beauty which can be fully enjoyed in equestrian tours. An excursion to the amazing sights of Armenia which are quite close to this picturesque town – Carahunge and Shaki waterfall, will make your hiking with the horse even more memorable!

Horse Riding in Yerevan

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In the capital of Armenia, you can also spend a great time having equestrian walks, as there are horse riding schools in Yerevan where you can learn riding.

Equestrian walk gives an opportunity to have fun, enjoy the natural beauty, amazing landscapes, high mountains, canyons, parks and forests, it helps to strengthen the whole body and it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system – an ideal type of active rest in mountainous Armenia – a country where every corner surprises with its beauty.

Travel to Armenia and discover all its beauty and splendor!