Winter Rest in Tsaghkadzor 2023-2024

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Winter – a cold, but, at the same time, a magical time of the year. It is time when you can enjoy the snowy beauty of nature that is given to people as a real priceless gift, time when you can collect unforgettable memories, enjoying the winter sports, skating, skiing and snowboarding, spending carefree time, playing snowballs, making a snowman – a time when beauty and peace reigns everywhere, a time when there is a mysterious magic in the air and faith in miracles.

Armenia is one of those countries where every season is uniquely beautiful – green springs, warm summers, red-orange autumns and, of course, snow-white winters.

Each winter month is beautiful in its own way! The first month – December – time when the weather is getting cold. Usually in the first half of December it is not too cold in Yerevan, but other regions, depending on the year, are already covered with snow, one of such cities is Tsaghkadzor, which is known as a ski resort in Armenia. It is still cold in January, but in February, nature is already starting to wake up from winter sleep, getting ready for spring.

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But in spite of the all mentioned above, all 3 months of winter – December, January and February, provide with all the necessary weather conditions for a wonderful winter rest in the ski resort of Armenia – in Tsaghkadzor.

Spend your 2024 winter rest in Armenia, discover the amazing sights of Yerevan and spend an unforgettable time enjoying the snow-white beauty of winter and winter sports.

Tsaghkadzor Ski Resort

Tsaghkadzor – a small picturesque town which is known as one of the best ski resorts in Armenia. Tsaghkadzor is quite famous as a ski resort with well-developed infrastructure and hotels for every taste.

Tsaghkadzor has a range of wonderful hotels for every taste and pocket, amazing ski slopes, ski and snowboard rental places and everything you need for an active rest. Also, the experienced instructors who speak foreign languages will help you to master and overcome easily any difficulties that may occur. Having a winter tour in Tsaghkadzor, you can enjoy the magical beauty of the city from the top, taking a ropeway ride.

How to Get to Tsaghkadzor?

Tsaghkadzor – a small town not far from the capital of Armenia – in 60 km from Yerevan, about an hour's drive. We are glad to offer you comfortable cars for transfers at any time of the day at the best rates.

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At your choice, we can offer you not only economy cars, but also premium cars for transfers.

Our fleet of comfortable vehicles and our team of professionals and highly qualified staff of drivers remain at your entire disposal.

Trust us your travel, and we will organize transfers for you at the highest level, as the comfort and safety of our guests is the fundamental component of our work.

Travel to Armenia in 2024, spend a fabulous winter and enjoy the snow-white beauty! The only thing you need to do is to buy a ticket and start an unforgettable adventure. Today, at least 3-4 flights per week fly to Yerevan from Vienna and from other European cities – no obstacles left!

Tsaghkadzor Hotels

Tsaghkadzor is a small ski resort, a tourist town where you can find a range of hotels at interesting rates. In Tsaghkadzor, unlike other cities of Armenia, besides Yerevan, you can find accommodation in 5* hotels.

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Most of the hotels also offer transport services to the ski slopes and back. Also, hotels offer all the necessary conditions to make your winter rest unforgettable at very interesting rates.

Organize your winter rest in Tsaghkadzor in 2024 and enjoy the winter fairytale of this ski resort!

Restaurants and Cafes

Tsaghkadzor is a resort town, which main peculiarities are the favorable climate, restaurants with breathtaking views and fascinating nature.
A resort that offers a variety of restaurants and cafes where you can warm up after skiing and enjoy the unrivaled taste of Armenian cuisine and desserts.

Spend your winter rest in Armenia, get to know its ski resort, discover the taste of Armenian national dishes.

Ski Slopes

There are 3 ski slopes in Tsaghkadzor, which can be divided by difficulty levels into "black", "blue" and "red" levels.

The first ski slope with sharp turns and mighty height difference – up to 270 degrees. Extreme turns, steep ups and downs – professional skiers love the "red" slope exactly for these features.

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The second "blue" ski slope, 3 kilometers long, is perfect for a calm and enjoyable skiing. This slope creates excellent clutch on the snowboard or skis.

The third "black" ski slope is a complex of slopes for extreme driving. Exactly from the top of this slope opens a breathtaking view to the surrounding mountains and Armenia itself.

Besides, this slope has steep slopes and gives a chance to ski in different direction – these are the most important features for professional skiers and snowboarders.

Tours and Excursions

Armenia is a country of beautiful sights that amaze with their beauty at any time of the year. Different tours and excursions to the wonderful sights of Armenia can be organized in this historical country.

You can find on our website various tours at the most interesting rates, including a winter tour, and spend an unforgettable vacation in the ski resort of Armenia – in Tsaghkadzor.

Have your 2024 winter tour in Armenia and discover the winter beauty of Armenia.