Weekend in Armenia 2024

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Everyone, at least once in his/ her life, has had a wish to buy a ticket and start an exciting journey! But work, study, business constantly keep us in one place, not letting us enjoy our life and all its bright colours.

We have found a perfect option for you – a weekend in Armenia! Just a couple of days of complete peace, a memorable rest without anxieties, a rest full of interesting excursions that will make you feel the heartbeat of Armenia, will introduce you to Armenian culture and delicious cuisine. In Armenia, wonderful weather and warm atmosphere of hospitable people await you.

At least 1 flight per day arrives at Yerevan from Vienna and other European cities. What stops you from buying a ticket and spending an unforgettable weekend in Armenia?! After all, it is not only a country of beautiful sights, but also a country that offers interesting rates for different tours and excursions.

Spend your weekend in 2024 in Armenia and see the beauty of this ancient country.

Weekend Tours to Armenia

A variety of tours to the different sights of Armenia, but always at the most interesting rates, can be offered for the weekend. On our website you can find a WEEKEND tour, as well as several options for tours for 3 days, which include interesting excursions to the wonderful sights of Armenia near Yerevan.

The only thing that you need to do is to buy a ticket for a flight from Vienna or other European cities from where there is a flight to Yerevan, choose your preferred tour option and start an unforgettable journey. After all, Armenia is one of those countries that can surprise and delight with its beauty at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions… And it is also a country known for its perfect climate – sunny springs, warm summers, velvet autumns and snowy winters.

Travel to Armenia in 2024, spend an unforgettable weekend, discover all its beauty, and try not to fall in love with this historical and sunny country, if you can!

What to see in Armenia over the weekend?

Although Armenia is a small country, it is rich in beautiful sights and, accordingly, it is simply not possible to create a tour for 3 days, which will include excursions with all the beautiful sights of this ancient country. But a three-day tour can include the main sights of Yerevan and wonderful tourist spots near Yerevan.

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During the weekend, you can stroll along the picturesque streets of Yerevan, see the North Avenue, the Republic Square, enjoy a breathtaking view of Yerevan, which offers the top of the Cascade, and also visit the Matenadaran Museum. Continuing your weekend tour, you can organize an excursion to Garni temple, Geghard monastery, as well as see the beauty of the Symphony of Stones, and enjoy the unsurpassed view of the biblical Mount Ararat, which opens from the Charents Arch.

In the end, on Sunday you can have an excursion to Etchmiadzin and visit the churches of St. Hripsime and St. Gayane, as well as the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. Continuing the excursion, you can also visit the Zvartnots temple and the ancient Armenian monastery Khor Virap, and then go to the airport right after the excursion – an ideal option to see more, not wasting even a second of precious time.

Travel to Armenia in 2024 and discover all its amazing beauty!