Ideas for Active Rest in Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country with high mountain peaks and deep gorges, thanks to which many types of extreme recreation are available in this country.

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In recent years, extreme tourism has been developing especially rapidly in Armenia, and many people organize their active rest in the nature of this ancient country. Tours of active rest help to discover the country from a completely different side. You can organize tours to beautiful sights and centuries-old churches and monasteries; include visits to extraordinary waterfalls, etc. But… the extreme tourism allows to see everything from a bird's eye view, enjoying the beauty of not only the earth, but also the sky, gives emotions and impressions, that the ordinary tours to the beautiful sights of the country cannot give. We do need to remember that each type of recreation reveals the beauty of the country only partially, and only a combined tour will help you see all the beauty of a new country.

Active Rest in Armenia

Travel, enjoy the beauty of every single corner of every town and village of the world, and do not forget that our planet is an extraordinary jewelry box, in every box of which a real treasure of breathtaking beauty is hidden!

What Kinds of Outdoor Activities are Available in Armenia?

Armenia is one of those countries in the world where a wide variety of extreme activities are available, such as paragliding, rafting, rope jumping, zip-lining, mountaineering and rock climbing.

Active Rest in Armenia

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy extreme tourism not only in the remote regions of Armenia, but also in Yerevan. Starting from 2019 you can dine in the sky of Yerevan – in the "flying restaurant", which offers delicious food, an amazing view of the city from a bird's eye view, an adrenaline rush and an unforgettable experience.

Active recreation is not only for people who are constantly in search of adventure and thrills. Active recreation can also help overcome fears – a person who has seen all the beauty that opens from the sky, while paragliding and feeling the freedom that gives the sky, will never again be afraid to look down from the top of a skyscraper.

Active Rest in Armenia

And also in the picturesque Syunik Province of Armenia is the longest passenger cable car in the world – the Wings of Tatev, which is built over the Vorotan Gorge – another place in Armenia that will not only make you forget about your fears, but also will fill your journey with unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Become a part of extreme tourism in Armenia, organize adventure tours, discover all the positive aspects of outdoor activities, and reveal all the breathtaking beauty of this ancient and historical country!

Offers for Outdoor Enthusiasts from Concierge Travel

Active Rest in Armenia

One of the most beautiful places in Armenia where you can fully enjoy extreme tourism is Yell Extreme Park, where you will find zip-line, off-road tours, via ferrata, paragliding, and here you can also ride through the forest and get acquainted with the amazing nature of Armenia. A visit to the extreme park can be combined with the visit of the blue-eyed lake of Armenia and the monasteries of Sevanavank and Haghartsin.

On our website, you can find both excursions and tours with a visit to the park, where many types of outdoor activities are available.

Travel in Armenia, and let the active rest in this fairy kingdom called Armenia remain in your memory for years!