Extreme Tourism in Armenia

Extreme tourism becomes more and more popular in Armenia every year.

Armenia is a mountainous country with breathtaking nature, which has all the necessary basis for the active tourism development.

Armenia is like a real little paradise for all the extreme and active rest lovers, as in this magical country you can have a chance to go climbing, to try your forces in rafting on a mountain river, can go skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy the beautiful bird's-eye view while paragliding and many other different types of active tourism will become available in this small and amazingly beautiful country.

Rest in Armenia will provide you with the opportunity to fulfill your most desired dreams, to become a conqueror of heights, to feel freedom and to quench your thirst for adventure, making your tour in Armenia unforgettable.

We invite everyone who considers himself/herself fearless to travel to Armenia – to the country of extreme tourism!


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Each person at least once in his/her life has thought of having wings and flying like an eagle – extremely high through the clouds and enjoy the beauty of the country feeling the freedom that can give only the sky – this is the exact feeling that you will have while paragliding!

Armenia is a mountainous country with beautiful landscapes, blue lakes and green forests – what if not this view do you want to see from the very sky?!

A beautiful sunny day – it is time to rest and plan an extreme tour, fly in the sky and feel how the adrenaline makes your heart beat faster, of course complying with security measures, as besides the feelings, it is too important to make the extreme tourism safer

Paragliding is one of the most amazing types of active tourism!

Travel to Armenia and enjoy all the types of extreme tourism!


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Almost all types of active tourism are closely connected to mountains and rivers, and Armenia being a mountainous country with many mountainous rivers, is the ideal place to enjoy your rest taking part in all the types of extreme tourism, starting with the most amazing one – rafting!

Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity which deals with risk and needs a teamwork to overcome and navigate the mountainous river in an inflatable raft. Of all the types of extreme tourism, rafting is the most risky and full of fear one, cause in rafting you feel yourself responsible not only for your life, but also for the lives of your team’s members.

Travel and have a rest in Armenia – in the country where even the most adventurous types of extreme tourism are available!

Rope Jumping

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Rope jumping – a free fall from the height into the abyss, just a few seconds that last forever, a few seconds after which you start appreciating your life even more.

Rope jumping is a unique type of extreme tourism, during which fear and adrenaline holding hands accompany you in the fall creating a completely new, previously unknown experience.

Armenia is ready to surprise you and make your tours and vacation unforgettable!

Tsaghkadzor Ropeway: Skiing and Snowboarding

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Getting to the top of the mountain by ropeway enjoying a beautiful view of snow-white winter for going down in a high-speed skiing or snowboarding feeling the adrenaline and fresh winter air – this exciting adventure is possible in the magically beautiful city of Armenia – Tsaghkadzor.

Skiing and snowboarding – the most popular and favorite type of sport in winter, which becomes a type of extreme tourism for adrenaline seekers!

Travel to Armenia and enjoy your winter vacations in Tsaghkadzor!


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Do you want to have fun? Are you a seeker of adrenaline, thrill and adventure? – In that case zipline is the type of the extreme tourism that you are looking for!

Zipline is designed to enable a person propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable by holding on to or being attached to the freely moving pulley.

For all the adrenaline lovers it is nice and easy, but for those who have a fear of heights – it is really a terrible experience. Armenia is ready to become a country that will help you overcome your fears and fall in love with active tourism!

During your extreme tour in Armenia, we will take care of your safety, and at the same time you will gain positive and bright memories!

Travel in Armenia will become the most memorable and wonderful vacation in your life!


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Mountain climbing is one of the most amazing types of active tourism!

Mountainous Armenia is the most suitable country for climbing the tops of the mountains.

It is a hobby, but at the same time is a type of the extreme tourism which requires many efforts and willpower to set a goal to get to the very top of the mountain and achieve the goal no matter what it costs, no matter what obstacles created by nature will face you.

Today Armenia has more than 2 centuries of experience in this type of extreme tourism: the history of Armenian mountain climbing began with the biblical Mount Ararat in 1829.

Rock climbing originated as a kind of mountain climbing, another type of active tourism which goal is to reach the summit of a rock formation.

Armenia is a country of mountains and rocks, a country of stones, deep gorges, high canyons and mountain ranges – a real paradise for lovers of mountain and rock climbing!

We invite all the lovers of adrenaline and thrills to have an adventurous tour and unforgettable vacations in the mountainous country – Armenia!

Extreme, adrenaline, Armenia!