The sightseeings of Armenia are various and too many in number and the idea that the sights of Armenia are only churches and monasteries is completely wrong. Though Armenia is really a land of stones, anyhow, besides the churches, monasteries, fortresses and castles curved from rock, the nature of the country is really fascinating. You can see here many wonderful lakes and rivers, waterfalls, mountains and forests. The most attractive of the natural, non – handmade sights are the Hunot Gorge, the Stone Symphony, the Satan bridge, the Trchnots cave, the Magellan cave and many other natural miracles.
Generally, a tourist attraction can be considered any sight that is remarkable, where you can take beautiful photos and relax. In this regard, many places of entertainment can also be considered a sightseeing.
For example, the adventurous entertainment places are very popular from the sight of tourist visits, and they can also be called sightseeings.
Among them are the ropeways in Jermuk, Tsaghkadzor, and of course, the Tatever in Syunik, the height of which attracts many, but few dare to take it. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of tourist trips on zip-lines in Yenokavan and Lastiver. The Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan is also a sightseeing destination for adventure tourism lovers as it offers a variety of extreme services such as horseback riding, paragliding and more.
We suggest you to get acquainted with different sights in Armenia by regions. Afterwards, you can choose the route that seems most attractive to you and contact us.