Lake Arpi is one of the hidden beauties of Armenia. It is situated on the plateau of Ashotsk, in the north-west of Armenia, which is known as the area with a minimum temperature in the Republic of Armenia.
Lake Arpi is located 2025 m above sea level. The basin is 220 km2. The Akhuryan River starts from Arpi. It was facilitated as a reservoir of Lake Arpi in 1951. Before that the river had had area of 4, 5 km2, depth- 1, 6 m, water volume – 5, 000,000 m3.
Lake water is made up of springs and small rivers. It is frozen in winter. The water is used for irrigation and as an energy source. There is a lot of fish here: carp and flying fox.
Lake Arpi today is a result of human intervention. Due to the 10 meter weir, equipped in the flow of the river Akhuryan, at lake entrance, the water level of the lake and quantity of the reserved water grew. This regulates flow of the river Akhuryan and makes it possible to increase quantity of water for irrigation.
Recently «Lake Arpi» national park was created. The total area is 62, 00 ha. In the territory there are 670 species of plants, 22 of which are recorded in Armenian Red Data Book. There are also 200 species of birds, 40 of which are recorded in Armenian Red Data Book. 30 species of mammals, including European otter and polecat live here as well.