Lake Gosh is located in Tavush region, near Gosh village. The length of the lake is 100 m, width – 80 m. Approximate depth is 8 m. In summer water temperature reaches up to 14 C.
There are lots of different hand-made monuments in the territory of the lake: various rock formations, mineral springs and so on.
A place where the Gods reside? Or is this the heaven we have been searching for? At least that is the sense one gets when in the presence of this extraordinary and strange beauty. One have rarely confronts with so much alluring beauty, calmness, tranquility, and a seductive manifestation of nature’s splendor.
Before seeing Lake Gosh you can visit Goshavank (Gosh’s Monastery) as well. Monastic Complex Goshavank is located in Gosh village. The complex was founded by Ivane and Zakare Zakaryans with the direct assistance of Vakhtang and Grigor, their vassals-rulers of Khachen, by the initiative of Mkhitar Gosh, a great medieval Armenian thinker. (12,13 cc). The monastic complex was built in the place of the ruined Getik, that is why first the monastery was called «New Getik». Years later it was renamed after Mkhitar Gosh (Goshavank).