Parz is a lake, formed by springs; it has course. The length is 300 m, the width – 100 m. Average depth is 3 m, approximate – 10 m. The surface of the lake is 0,027 m2, mass – 83,8 cubic meters. Landslides are common. The lake is surrounded by forests.
Water in the lake is transparent, a little greenish. The forest is very close to the shoreline and the massive trees, leaning to the lake, are reflecting on the hyaline.
Relief of the coastal regions is flat, Southern belt – rocky. In summer water temperature reaches up to 15,50 C. The lake is impregnated with springs and atmospheric depositions. The basin is covered with forest; it has productive function. Kirakos Gandzaketsi called Lake Parz “Tzka Tsov”.
According to the legend, a newly married couple died in this lake. That is why, there is a tradition to go to this lake after wedding ceremony to commemorate the deceased couple.
Apparently, Parz Lake cannot be compared with Lake Sevan, the blue pearl of Armenia, which offers endless fun and adventures but it definitely should be visited if you are a nature lover and appreciate peace and rest.