Armaghan Mountain is located in Gegharkunik region. The altitude is 2829 m. There is a lake on the peak of the mount: diameter – 50 m., depth – 15 m. The mount is a part of the Geghama Mountains. The volcanic crater of the peak is partially filled with water. This little lake is surrounded by alpine vegetation.
In 2009 a new domed basalt church was built instead of the old chapel. According to the legend, sometimes celestial fairies come here to drink water from the Lake Kari, and at that moment the peak of the mount is covered by for making them invisible to people.
The inhabitants of Lernakert and Madina villages (overall 200 families) have old Soviet cars “Vilis” and “Niva”. They say, no other car can pass such a route. Climbing Armaghan Mount is not easy, but as soon as you reach the peak, the unbelievable beauty of the wonderful nature fully reimburses the efforts.
Due to the attractive force and lovely environment time flies very fast. Anyway, it is better to return earlier: at least 2 hours before sunset.
Locals say that Armaghan Mount is God’s gift, and having once been here, you will certainly return.