Ararat Yerevan Brandy Company

In Yerevan Brandy company ARARAT the legendary ARARAT brandies with some unique taste are born. 
Armenian brandy ARARAT started its production in 1887, and today it is one of the best brandies in whole Armenia, which is also presented in 35 countries – the first global brand of Armenian cognac.
The main components of the iconic brandy are Armenian grapes, Caucasian oak wood, from which the barrels for alcohol aging are made, spring water of the Katnakhbyur spring, and of course the talent of the craftsmen, who combine all the aforesaid components and give to the world a cognac with unique taste.
Visiting the museum of Brandy Company ARARAT, you will get acquainted with the history of creation of the brandies, and you will get a chance to taste several iconic brandies of ARARAT.