Republic Square is the heart of Yerevan city, projected by architect Alexander Tamanyan in 1924-1936. Tamanyan and his companions completely changed the image of Yerevan; it was turned into a modern city, impressing with its unique new buildings. Tamanyan’s plan was developed later by Astafyan’s plan of 1856.
The construction of the four main buildings lasted from 1926 to 1958. Architect of the House of Government was Tamanyan himself, but after his death in 1936, the work was finished by his son Gevorg Tamanyan. The building of Armenia Marriott Hotel and Trades-Union building were projected by Mark Grigoryan and Edward Sarapyan. MFA building and Ministries of Transport and Energy were projected by Samvel Sarafyan and Varazdad Arevshatyan. The building of National Gallery and Museum of History of Armenia was completed in 1975, by Mark Grigoryan’s plan.
Due to the singing fountains in front of the National Gallery, Republic Square became one of the most popular leisure places within locals; there are lots of concerts under open sky. The fountains were restored in 2007 and equipped with modern computer laser effects. It seems as if the fountains are “dancing” to the music; the colors change as well; on the screen made up of water jets, holographic images appear, creating, in fact, an amazing view.
Republic Square is one of the best creations of Armenian architecture. In 1971 the authors of construction of Republic Square were awarded USSR State Prize.