Shikahogh State Reserve was established in 1958 by a decree of the ArmSSR Council of Ministers (No. P-341 of 13 September 1958) on the basis of the Kapan Forestry in order to conserve, study and recover unique flora and fauna of the broadleaf forests on the northern slopes of the Meghri Ridge. In 1963 it was reorganized to Bartas Sanctuary and reinstated as reserve only in 1975. Conservation is targeted at broadleaf (mostly oak, hornbeam and oak-hornbeam) forests, unique plant communities (yew, oriental plane and oriental beech groves), their flora and fauna.
The reserve is located in the extreme south of Armenia in the Kapan district of the Syunik Province, covering the area of 29505.845 ha, including 12137.075 ha of the reserve and Plane Grove Sanctuary and 17368.77 ha of Zangezur Sanctuary. The reserve comprises the Shikahogh and Mtnadzor districts. Before 2006 its area was smaller, just 10330 ha.
Shikahogh occupies the northern macro-slope of the Meghri Ridge within the Tsav and Shikahogh riversides and includes the peaks of the Mt. Shakhbuz (2372 m), Gyumarants (2366 m), Mazra (2198 m) and Bartas (2186 m). The adjoining villages are Shikahogh, Srashen, Tsav, Shishkert and Nerkin Hand.
Reserve boundaries are stretched along the Meghri catchment area in the south and along the community lands of the above-mentioned villages on the other sides.
All activities related to research of natural ecosystems, genetic resources, landscape and biological diversities, preservation of natural heritage, recovery and inventory of natural resources have been carried out by the Shikahogh State Reserve state non-commercial organization. This entity is also liable for management of Plane Grove and Zangezur state sanctuaries.